The time is right for China

We would like to share our cherished ideas about publishing “Knowledge Is a Polyglot” – its gist, relevance and purpose:

It is true that China has risen economically, politically and militarily; yet, it is also true that China has left little impact on the world culturally. In fact, the Chinese tradition is being marginalized by Western cultural dominance, largely because most theories are owned by Western thinkers and overwhelmingly expressed in Western philosophical vocabularies, Judeo-Christian categories and Greco-Roman taxonomies. By comparison, Chinese thinkers and their vocabularies, categories and taxonomies play no greater part in the formation and continuity of world history. [This is about to change.]

Even after the successful establishment of the Confucius Institutes overseas, China had to realize that it cannot teach the Chinese language to the majority of foreigners, and that the Chinese language is far too complex and difficult to be mastered in part-time, let alone without residing in China. But what the Confucius Institutes can do, and what is explicitly addressed in this philosophy, is the promotion of Chinese key terminologies into foreign languages.


Source: ‘Knowledge is a Polyglot’, Hanban, the Foreign Language Office/Foreign Language Press, Beijing (2017)

by the East-West Writer