Black Pigeon Speaks Completely Demonetized, SCANDAL

Black Pigeon Speaks just released a video saying his Youtube channel got completely demonetized, and one video about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got pulled.

This is outrageous! The Prime Minister is as dumb as a leaf and deserves all the critique he doesn’t approve of. And demonetizing the entire channel because of community guideline violations? Oh come on, everything violates the new community guidelines these days. You cannot say a single indecent thing about our politicians anymore more without being censored or banned.

I’m not a fan of Black Pigeon Speaks, but I got interested in his cause, Freedom of Speech, especially because he also lives in Japan. Listen, if Google/Youtube can crack down on him here in Japan, nobody in the world is safe anywhere on the planet. The reach of US big tech is limitless. They are omnipotent, and they know it, and they abuse it.

Black Pigeon Speaks’s Youtube channel was deleted two weeks ago, for 12 hours, then reinstalled after a public cry of outrage. But, as Pigeon has pointed out, both the banning and the reinvigoration were stealth operations, no reasons given, no legal basis. Just pure arbitration.

This is psychological terror on part of Youtube. It is called Zersetzung, and a known propaganda tool perfected by the East Germans during the Cold War.

I quote from Wikipedia: “Zersetzung served to combat alleged and actual dissidents through covert means, using secret methods of abusive control and psychological manipulation to prevent anti-government activities.”

The end goal of Zersetzung is the complete annihilation of Black Pigeon Speaks, but the way to there is slow mental torture and social dehumanization.

Let us not forget that Black Pigeon Speaks has over half a million subscribers, and still, they don’t care. What happens to the millions of channels who are less visible and affluent when they get demonetized and banned, we vaguely envision in terror!

He wants to continue his work, both on Bitchute and on Youtube, but he will have to self-censor considerably, and go without a ad revenue. An amputated Black Pigeon! What a sad day!

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