Thorsten J. Pattberg with SHI Ming, Chinese Writer In Exile

Catching up with Chinese exile journalist (who lives in Berlin and writes in German language!) SHI Ming in Tokyo! The man is an institution in Germany and wildly known for his sharp intellect, his abilities as a public speaker, as well as his biting writing style in international relations. He is also a very generous man with a great sense of humor. All the best, Master SHI!

Sino-Japanese Relations From the Point of View of a Chinese in Exile in Germany

We met during his talk at the German Academic Exchange Service and the German East-Asiatic Society in the German House of Tokyo (OAG). You should come sometime for our excellent guest speakers and brilliant topics.

SHI Ming talked about ‘Chinas nationalistischer Komplex im Spiegel sino-japanischer Beziehungen’. It was well attended. Tai hao-le!

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