We’ve said this for years, Michael Luo. You look Chinese. Don’t go back to China! @nytimes

NEW YORK (the East-West Writer) - You sure know your constituency, Michael Luo. The West is the ultimate upgrade to your life. Don’t go back to China!

Michael Luo, a deputy editor at the New York Times, a propaganda racket that frequently incites violence, hatred, and calls for regime change in China, got hit by “friendly fire” in an American neighborhood. “Go back to China,” a (white?) American woman yelled at him while coming home with his family from a mass (He’s a devout Christian, hor).

So, since he works with the top American propaganda people, why not fabricating a story that features himself as the hero of his own journalism, about American racism? He does not explain why it is so bad being ethnic Chinese, or why China was such an insult to him. He thinks, like we all knew he did, that America was the best thing that ever happened to him, to all of us.

It reminds me of that bad cop, good cop game the police is playing to manipulate their victims. Journalists have a similar game, too: The New York Times sends its press soldiers, say, Michael F. and his hawks, in order to report China and the Chinese as the arch enemy of the United States of America. And when America is ready for some serious hate, another group of journalists, say, Michael L. and his doves, lament how hateful everyone has become. They work in tandem. Take turns.

The readers of the New York Times are the true victims. They are targeted by this sort of propaganda for their (anti-American) thought crimes. Just like the bad cop and the good cop are colleagues and friends, the hawks and the doves are colleagues here at the Times, even went to Harvard together. The harsh anti-China propaganda is meant to scare Chinese-Americans, and the soft anti-racism (how could one object) is meant to have them swear total allegiance to America.

To align Mr. Luo’s confession (he is a true American, ladies) to the racket’s extreme political agenda, his writings pin generic racism in this country to a white man of German ancestry -Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, whom the New York Times had recently handed an huge (and perhaps criminal) character assassination campaign.

The sheer arrogance by which New York Times writers manipulate the news is legendary. They know that whatever the papers writes, sticks. So they write… about themselves.

by the East-West Writer

Image source: AsianAmericanChristian.org