Sadiq Khan’s Height is NOT 5 Feet 6 Inches!

The mayor of London is a short man, so what?

5 feet 6 inches is 167.64 cm. That is, according to Sadiq Khan himself, his height. But that can’t be the true height.

Looking at public photographs of Sadiq Khan with fellow politicians or the public, it seems the London mayor is a little bit dishonest about his true height, which is more like 5 feet 4 inches or 162.56 cm.

He really is short for a man.

But he makes up for it, he says, by being a die-hard feminist.

Many short politicians lie about their true height.

Most memorable in recent times are perhaps former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, who reported himself as being 178 cm tall, which is evidently not true.

Usually, short politicians are token candidates and beta males. It means the powerful and tall candidates couldn’t agree on who’s going to lead, so they agreed on a third, weaker candidate as a compromise.

There are PR tricks to make short politicians look taller in public. For example extra tall shoes or a troupe of expert photographers who know all the right angles and situations.

What do you think how short Sadiq Khan really his? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!


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