Insiders Plan To Destroy America, by Robert Welch (1958)

An old video clip of a 1958 speech by Robert Welch, a conservative self-made millionaire, makes the Twitter rounds. In it, Mr. Welch explains in 10 steps how the deep state would destroy America from within.

It strongly reminds of the present situation in which a conservative self-made billionaire tries to remind America that the deep state is at work to undermine capitalism and American democracy.

Mr. Welch’s 10 steps are easily summarized. The state will eventually take over the country, enslave its citizens, tax them high, enlarge bureaucracy, bully corporations, and engage in constant wars abroad. It’s ultimate goal was a form of perfect communism: namely socialism.

What is perhaps most astonishing is Mr. Welch’s prediction that the State will completely take over public education in all federal state, brainwashing its children. This is what we already see happened in France and Germany, where the states run brutal socialist indoctrination regimes.

All the more striking that Robert Welch’s predictions from 1958 all came true to some extend in America today, which is the cause, one would assume, of much of the division and toxic political atmosphere between the Trump administration the and radical Left.

What is your opinion on this? Will insiders destroy America from within? Will socialism ultimately defeat American capitalism? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!


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