Selected articles in newspapers and magazines:

It’s Shengren, stupid!

Long into the West’s dragon business

Falsch Uebersetztes Chinesisch

East-West dichotomy revisited

Language Imperialism – Democracy in China

Global Language with Chinese Characteristics

Bigger than the Buddhas

Diary of a Mad Imperialist

Abschied nehmen von Ji Xianlin


How Western Translations Distort China’s Reality

Dead in Translation

Language and Empire: My language, your prison

East may finally triumph in linguistic battles

China: Lost in Translation

The Confucian Way of Europe

China: Lost in Translation II

Ending the myths about translation

Streit zwischen Japan und China um Diaoyu Inseln

The End of Translation and the Rise of Chinese Terminology

Shengren? Nein, danke!

La fin de la traduction

Por qué Occidente deja a un lado los conceptos ingeniosos chinos

La hegemonía del lenguaje: ¡Es ‘shengren’, estúpido!

“My name is Long, Chinese Long” (ita) Italy

Europe’s path to a new humanism

Do not confuse Confucius with Christian Saint Nicholas

A Confucian Christmas in China



How to Become a Spiritual Leader

A Call to Promote Chinese Terminologies

The Qingming Festival

Truly global vocabulary needs untranslatable Chinese terms

The Post-Translational Society

How bad is corruption in China today?


La Fiesta Qingming

This is the Chinese Dream (Zhongguo Meng)

Constructing an American Confucianism (Asia Times)

Why I Am So Sure – Rise Tianxia, Rise! (Shanghai Daily)

The Public Intellectual and The Marketing of World History

Chinas Universitäten: Daxue oder “Das Grosse Lernen”

Sprachimperialismus: Was gibt’s in China, wenn nicht “Demokratie”?

The perils of being associated with China (The Korea Times)

12 Years in China – Reflections – T J Pattberg

How China’s Ivy League Obsession Shortchanges Homegrown Universities (Global Asia)


Free Asia-Pacific from Western hold (China Daily)

The rising cult of China experts

Times and culture beckon Confucius back (China Daily)

Films vis-a-vis nations’ global role (China Daily)

Chinese are not so foolish as to worship at the church of Western values (SCMP)


Pattberg: ¿Apoyar la creación de un lenguaje universal para un mundo globalizado?

德国学者裴德思说:包子烤鸭不需要翻译 (北京日报)

Everything is NOT awesome (Ai Weiwei) (British GQ Magazine)

Star Wars is Taoism in American garb (China Daily)

House of Mei a legacy of Peking Opera (The Telegraph)

A Song of Winter and Spring (China Daily)

Democracy is the opiate of history’s losers, as Japan proves (South China Morning Post)

All you need to know about the BRICS 2017 Summit in China (New Delhi Times)

US airlines following the piper’s tune (China Daily)

Lovers have more days to spend together (China Daily)

Zhu Bajie y Peppa Pig: arquetipos universales de optimismo y abundancia (

The pig as universal archetype of optimism (China Daily)

Cultural Diversity Key To A Better World: an Eastern perspective (The Telegraph)

Political Correctness is Preventing Child Births in Japan (Japan Today)

Use these 10 powers of Tao and become an exemplary person (Sivana East)

Reassure HK, remind Britain SAR no longer a British ‘colony’ (China Daily)

With Noam Chomsky at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2010