Taiwan’s hottest meat seller

If you are a dedicated food stall vendor, there should be nothing stopping you from success, barring people started stop eating street food.

But what if the competition is tough and the street markets supersaturated? Then you will need some extra marketing skills as well. How about using boobs and butts selling your stuff?

Oh, I’m gonna use boobs and butts selling my juicy meat, thought one cunning vendor, and hired a gorgeous female helper with little clothes on her.

Ah, and then there was the call to the local media, of course, to cover the sleazy sensation.

So, here she is, Vivi -Taiwan’s hottest meat seller! She attracted not only long lines of mega-horny male customers, staged or not, but also the national press and hundreds of bloggers. Good for her.

“With her powerful charisma, Vivi did wonders to the store, attracting a long queue of customers who can’t wait to try their tasty meats for sale.” -reckontalk.com.

And while we’re at it eating our pork loin, raise your glasses, Sirs, to the power of the Internet!