A Chinese Academic Defected to the USA. Now He’s a UK Propaganda Star

The British Guardian, in 'No country for academics', parades Chinese defector Teng Biao as quasi-Jewish survivor of 2016 Hitler-China; May 24, 2016

LONDON - The Guardian newspaper is infamous for its generous pro-USA, anti-China propaganda budget: Constant enemy propaganda, build-in-Hitler/maintain-Cold-War mentalityand defectors paraded as heroes:

Enemy propaganda: “No country for academics…“? Maybe a crackdown on corruption would do the UK some good: War crimes, financial scams, off-shore heavens, media collusion? Not going to happen, of course. So better pointing fingers at the others…

The Guardian‘s China correspondents are not journalists but press soldiers. They evidently engage on a mission to disrupt China, expose her flaws, and to work - together with Western agents and the allied US-led global media - toward regime change in Beijing. At the very least, this is the impression from all its negativity and well-poisoning.

“Cohen likened the influx of intellectuals […]  to previous waves of refugee scholars who fled the Nazis during the 1930s and 40s, and China following the Tiananmen crackdown.” —The Guardian

Enemy propaganda is not a Mars mission. It is completely understood: It has no positive benefits. It only causes destruction, suffering, and hatred. Enemy propaganda is toxic and will cause the target nation to become paranoid and insecure. This is especially true for non-Western nations which control no “global media.”

Freer than God and accountable to no-one but Terror and Fear: The Media

Naturally, the victims of Western terror will want to censor the malicious gossip and constant ill-will fired at them, only to be accused of… you guessed it: of censorship and suppression of freedom. A vicious, down-spiraling circle ensues. All good-will between the nations falls apart. The British know this. In fact, it is their political aim.

What does this Western media terror mean for China’s trouble-makers, political extremists, and even criminals? Wanna move to the USA? Start with Western social capital by taking US money and pitch your life story to the Western media. All you need to do is smear the Chinese government.

The Guardian participates in global Western media concert to fabricate Chinese “leaders,” “dissidents,” and “saviors” -obviously not the ones China prefers.

After a the next round of profitable China defectors are picked, their CVs will be shared among the China correspondents, foreign correspondent clubs, and the Western capital press: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, Guardian, Die Zeit, The Guardian, etc. who will act in concert (to project power) and create a political hate crusade: China is evil. Good Chinese come to America. The West is best. Exodus in China.

The Guardian’s enemy propaganda against China is its most lucrative click-bait and e-fang. It stirs up hatred against China, evokes the Yellow Peril, and provokes negative reactions (which means more clicks and copies sold). Comparable to the UK weapon industry, the UK media profits from state terrorism, confrontation, and war in foreign countries, and reserves its absolute right to do so by the doctrine of press freedom.

Such enemy propaganda will never stop. Unless, that is, the international community comes to its senses and breaks the (non-elected and lawless) media monopolies, expose their rampant corruption, their calculated lies and their miserable benefactors…; which in this day and age of totalitarian press freedom of course is a very blasphemous thing to say, I know I know: Still, it took Europe 1000 years to unmask the Church; it may take us only 100 years to expose the privileges and abuses of the Media.

The “responsible” Guardian provokes and offends, causes anxiety, anger, fear, and WANTS social backlash badly (attention is key), the more disruption the better. When the backlash comes, however, the Guardian censors… sorry, it “frees” its comment sections from unwanted criticism.

Until a humanitarian miracle happens, the Western press soldiers will mercilessly bully and destroy the reputation of foreign nations, their governments and their people. Everybody sees it, nobody dares to say a word. We must educate our people that our mass media are not neutral. The mass media have been complicit in all wars. In fact, they are the toot of wars. The Media [singular] is non-elected. The Media is lawless and it profits from gossip, violence, offense, and deliberate lies. It is the perfect tyranny.

P. S.

A week of Guardian anti-China propaganda. Note: Not a single article listed below, to our best knowledge, is journalism. It’s propaganda, plain and simple. How? The Guardian paraphrases (day by day, week by week) the exact same story that’s currently syndicated by ALL the other US/UK flagship media (mostly Reuters, Associate Press, BBC, CNN, NY Times, Economists, Washington Post, etc.), clearly indicating massive collusion and media concert. No investigation, no fact checking… just blind repetition:

P. P. S.

Some Western media are corrupt beyond belief: They all report EXACTLY the same, cross-reference each other, promote their cronies, their school friends, their school friend’s books, gang-up against their enemies, censor their comment sections, and omit inconvenient truths. Here’s how The Guardian co-ordinates its anti-China propaganda with prominent US media in order to “fabricate” the China-Experts [click on image below]:

China Experts and the Media Concert