Tanks In Washington - Media Faints (Trump’s July 4)

The anti-Trump media is in the trenches, because tanks are coming to Washington. And fighter jets. For the celebration of July 4, Independence Day.

Yahoo News runs nuts: It’s Trump July 4 self-promotion! Hint: Yahoo News is self-promoting!

The Times cries: Division! This will divide us! Hint: The Times wants division and chaos. It’s the sensational press.

The New York Times laments: Political! This is political! We are breaking away from longstanding traditions! Hint: The New York Times secretively loves the progressive.

The Washington Post hisses a fit: This is a Trump me-me-me show! Hint: The Washington Post makes big money from him-him-him reporting!

And last, the Crap News Network CNN sissels: Trump wants this July 4 to be all about him! Hint: CNN wants July 4 all about him!

Let us all hope that nobody will be disappointed. July 4 will strike a bombastic tone so that our system media hits bottom and runs meltdown.

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