Will The Elton Johns Of The World Please Shut Up - Putin’s LGBT Stance

Leave the children in peace! Don’t impose your sexuality on the majority! Stop the aggressive proselytization! These were the words of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin after Elton John, the flamboyant homosexual musician, accused Putin of homophobia.

Elton John is apparently very upset that the whole word isn’t gay and queer enough already. He has written, quote from the BBC: “an open letter to Vladimir Putin accusing him of hypocrisy over his claims Russia has no problems with gay people.”

Come to think of it, it is amazing how militant and aggressive the gay community in the West has conquered territory in all entertainment, the media, and the educational sector. It is very common now to find homosexual themes in kindergartens, in school textbooks, and in cartoon series. Fair enough.

But some gay pride activists go too far. They created a dangerous militarism that calls everyone who disagrees with their methods a homophobe, an anti-democratic oppressor of sexuality, freedom, and gender.

We could say, with Putin, that a tiny minority of the gay pride movement has hijacked society and demands total superiority and worship and the greatest attention there is, and all the time.

And this is wrong. You live your sexuality whatever way you like, as long as you don’t harass somebody else, let alone the young, the vulnerable, the easily impressionable. Do not force your sexual orientation onto the children. Let them grow up in peace and later in adult years make that decision for themselves.

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