Sexploitation: White Perverts hitting on Asian Girls, upload it to Youtube

Unbelievable racist and sexist...

TOKYO - White man’s exploitation of Asian women has an illustrious history. Although rampant everywhere in East-Asian from Thailand to Vietnam, from China to Japan, it was long considered universal taboo to talk about it. That’s because white men in East-Asia act as if lawless. And if any local force gets in their way, they’ll cry “human rights abuse” or “oppression of freedom,” and the Western media will celebrate them as strong individuals with a cause.

David Bond - Sicko with a camera preys on Asian women, uploads all to the internet
David Bond - Sicko with a camera preys on Asian women, uploads all to the internet.

Especially with heavy US military presence all over the region, Asian men are constantly coerced by Western media for not being fair and equal to their women. Asian women, so our propaganda press, are “suppressed” and need to be “liberated” by Western white knights. So much the lofty colonial rhetoric. In reality, of course, it is white man himself who created and sustains the tale of submissive Asian playthings. Let’s get on with this:

"You are not being judged anymore. It's just you and her!" [and the entire fucking internet!]
“You are not being judged anymore. It’s just you and her!” [and the entire fucking internet!]
Novels such as ‘The World of Suzie Wong’ or movies such as ‘Full Metal Jacket’ aside, there are hundreds of amateur websites, forums, and blogs dedicated to explain, once and for all, how to get laid with Asian women (Tip: “she will NEVER say NO“). Enough to drive any Western feminist half out of her sanity. And while sexism and misogyny are widely under fire in intellectual Europe and the United States, Western lowlifes have relocated to the Far East and prey on “Asian meat.”

David Bond - grapping the Asian girls on the street

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Is has gotten so bad, sooo bad, that Asian parents are now advising their daughters to stay away from neighborhoods frequented by Western military personnel, and from bar districts that are trafficked by Westerners. But we all know what happens if those girls turn eighteen, don’t we: They’ll go anyway!

Unsurprisingly, the “news” of easy Asian girls who apparently cannot say No to a white guy go round. “This is such a bad image for foreigners in Japan,” says one expat, Risu Press: “So now we are advertising yes foreigners come to Japan so you can get laid in these big cities.” Japanrealm, an online portal, writes it “feels like you’re watching the first couple minutes of a porno where girls are unknowingly filmed, which is definitely a no no in Japan.” Sextourism is booming. No, white man didn’t invent sextourism! But white man conquered and now runs the world. He’s at the top of his game in East-Asia. And it isn’t always fat white divorcees who are looking for a second marriage or mail-order bride. It is increasingly young folks who cannot find a spouse in the West, either because they are jobless or because they fell into despair with Western radical feminism and now aim for a submissive Asian wife or girlfriend.

In the past, sexploitation by white folks in Asia was all-too-known, but nobody outside the foreign conclaves — for example Chaoyang in Beijing, Roppongi in Japan, or Kowloon in Hong Kong — could really see it, of course. But now the predators have iphones, wifi, and commercial Youtube accounts. So they film and upload how they manipulate those women, no limits! Thus, a new, never before witnessed realm of emotional abuses and wicked minds lies bare, and sometimes naked in a bathtub in some Shibuya love hotel. One growing branch of this sexploitation are the so-called ‘pick-up artists’ or ‘Pua’ -in this context an euphemism for narcissists and con-artist. They are taking advantage of insecure Western men who, in their loneliness and sexual frustration perhaps, are resorting to doing stupid things in Asia, like buying  $97 NOW ONLY $67-dollar programs to get laid.

Those pick-up artists approach Asian girls in public spaces, encircle them, flatter them, touch them, hustle them: “She is my girlfriend!” All while the job is video-taped, often by a hidden camera or by a wingman. Some girls are trying to hide their faces? That’s even better! Their “shyness” will attract even more voyeurs later, after the video was uploaded to the internet.

David Bond - permission from the girls to join his pervert video show - dont think soDavid Bond - picking up Chinese girls in Hong Kong

While most clubs and bars and night-time amusements forbid filming, the Western pick-up artists do it anyway. What’s the worst that could happen to them? Denying them visa re-entry? Fantastic free publicity! Even the BBC will report about it! Just one single night of going out can now spell social ruin to any women really, if she is camera-stalked by such perverts. Or the hustlers wait in front of the establishment, picking up the (often drunk) women on their way home. And, while in the past most womanizer kept their adventures largely to themselves (and so did wise women, too), in our time and internet age the predators boast with their trophy pics and video memories on Youtube, the world’s leading video portal. Such a portal pays the up-loader of the video according to viewtime and clicks (which correlates with ad revenue). Put it another way, there’s big money and celebrity in exploiting Asian women, financed by American corporations dressed as “global public services.”

For example, this video (see below) by a certain David Bond went viral in Hong Kong: ‘Guy Steals Girl from Chinese Guy‘. The clip shows an Asian guy holding hands with a Chinese girl he just picked up in a bar. (Maybe the whole thing is staged, but it looks real.) So this David Bond and his (Scandinavian?) bro and wingman, Alex, go and steal the girl, who is clearly intoxicated. The Chinese guy is clearly desperate to get her back; alas, he is outnumbered and visibly overwhelmed by the the white ego and physical prowess.

Encouraged by his unsuspected ‘success’ (millions of Chinese felt offended, mission accomplished!), David Bond decided to make this formula of ‘guaranteed scandal’ his business model: He and his friend traveled to Korea and Japan next, with the purpose of hitting on East-Asian girls and of uploading their exploits to the world wide web. And when the public cried “exploitation,” the scammers defended their activities by saying that as ‘pick-up artists’ they want to empower men (which sounds kind of noble, until you see how they harass, stalk, and record (!) random girls in train stations, on their way home, at McDonalds,… you name it!).

David Bond - filming girls at mcdonalds

Youtube sadly encourages this form of ‘entertainment’; in fact, it happens everywhere in America, in case you haven’t noticed: Absolutely shameless ‘Youtubers’ are going about public spaces or ride public transports, filming each and everybody without consent. You were filmed in a very uncomfortable or embarrassing situation? Your problem!

Now back to the situation in East-Asia. Western pick-up artists have gotten completely out of control here. When white males flock to the Far East with the goal of romping as many Asian chicks as possible, society is sick. Right? Wrong! Sick is the new cool: “Don’t be another clueless foreigner!” Mr. Bond’s website boasts.

Unbelievable sexist: David Bond and his buddies are hitting Japanese women in train stations, parks, bars, everywhere... all on camera.
Unbelievable sexist: David Bond and his buddy, Alex, are hitting Japanese women in train stations, parks, bars, everywhere… all on camera.

Attention-seekers and sociopaths mainly from the US, or based in the US, are now filming unsuspecting girls in subway stations, in clubs, in swimming pools, and even in the very popular ‘photo booths’ in Asia. (‘Photo booths’ are popular sections in shopping malls or game centers where young people, mostly girls, take cute pictures with their friends.) Chances are that for any “hot” girl in a public place there are not only hundred pairs of eyes peeping at her, but also some goons with a camera pointed at her gaze, immortalizing the wink of her shy skirt . Those pics or stalker videos are then shared on internet forums, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks - as coaching advice!!! And while the CIA blokes overlooking Tokyo from Minato-ward may be secretly laughing their rears off at the great misfortune sexploitation causes to the reputation of Japan, the US Ambassador Extraordinary to Japan, Ms Caroline Kennedy, will obviously not be thrilled by the great misfortune sexploitation causes to the reputation of the United States of America.

David Bond - do these girls know they are exploited on film David Bond - pick up artist preys on women in Japan train stationsIn Japan, most public spaces, especially those frequented by families with young kids, won’t allow taking pictures and videotaping people. Peepers and voyeurs are believed to be everywhere now. Many schools ban smart phones altogether, trying to stem against the tide of massive sexual innuendo and internet bullying. But still, in Japan sexism is rampant, and it remains the all-favorite place for white Western males in particular who don’t have to remind the Japanese of the massive US military presence in Tokyo and Okinawa: White men are not expected to learn Japanese. Not expected to play by the rules. Not expected to assimilate. White men are entitled to boast about how easy it is to trick Asian women into having sex with them: “As a white man in Tokyo you do what you want; just say Pokemon or Pikachu and take her!” brags Julien Blanc, whom German politicians try to stop from entering Germany.

David Bond - perverts now come with video camera and youtube show

Julien Blanc assaults Japanese women, in Convenient Stores, no problem!

David Bond -“Did you know there’s a way to invite a Japanese girl home where she will NEVER say NO?”- is believed to have been inspired by another ‘pick-up artist’, Julien Blanc, who was denied visa in the UK and several other countries, the BBC reports. Both men employ misogyny, racism, and con-artistry to offend as many people as possible, which then attracts the media, which then translates into notoriety and money. Next Shark, on online news portal, cries Bond (who in real life is David Champbell from California) “makes a living by ‘Getting laid’ by Asian women.” Mr. Bond’s aim seems to be to re-enact the successes of his idolized predecessor, Julien Blanc. Mr. Blanc morally destabilized the entire Japanese nation in 2014 by threatening to re-enter the country. The Japan Times reports that a petition -much resembling the one in the UK- collected about 36,000 signatures to keep the misogynistic pick-up artist Julien Blanc away from the island on the edge of the world. The Time (magazine) asked: ‘Is this the most hated man in the world?‘, and quotes a spokeswomen from End Violence Against Women Coalition saying: “His so-called pickup coaching promotes behavior amounting to sexual harassment and sexual assault. His comments and abuse of Asian women are deeply racist.”

“This is gonna make her so comfortable.” [especially the camera and the entire internet]
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The Japan Times further explains that ‘forcible indecency’ (kyoosei waisetsu) is a serious crime in Japan. But then, The Japan Times is in collaboration with powerful American interest groups (the New York Times, say), so there’s really nothing the Japanese can do about white Western men having a blast with Japanese women. If these were Indians, or black guys, or people from the Middle East, hell would break lose. Besides, Youtube is an American company. Youtube couldn’t care less about Japanese feelings and sensitivities. So, of course other pick-up artists such as Mr. Bond will want to replicate this Western sure-fire formula of instant celebrity, no?

David Bond and collaborateur stalk women in fotobooth 3 David Bond - Japanese girl from Starbucks to bedroom

Don’t get us all wrong on this: Not every pick-up artist is a pervert or moral degenerate. But all of them are money scams, or worse: One “never-take-No-for-an-answer-from-a-woman” predator who goes by the name of ‘Roosh V‘ wrote several books and got millions of followers, simply by promoting ‘legal rape’ and saying things like: “to me, any woman is by default a whore.”

As to the consequences of Mr. Bond’s exploiting Asian women this way: All is rather sicko, and, as the Japan Times states, highly illegal. Yes, as the con artists will tell you, filming in public places in America is not illegal. But doing so in Japan with the intention of exploiting women, or making a show of their vulnerability, or to produce material that is offensive to any reasonable person and will obviously stop women from enjoying stepping and walking in public spaces, is clearly a disturbance of public order. The girls in Mr. Bond’s videos are encircled, touched, hugged, pulled, kissed, and always hustled into lowing their guards for a few seconds, a few seconds that they might regret all their life.

Sexploitation is a Western million dollars business, and its sly entrepreneurs are getting more and more ‘creative’ in justifying their means. Where this is all going, nobody can tell. Where they are going, that we know for sure: to Asia where the women NEVER say NO.

David Bond Pick-up artist goes East Asia 3 David Bond Pick-up artist in Seoul 1 David Bond Pick-up artist in Seoul 2

Bond-san sooo nice. He say he wish to share happy moment with whole world! America is dream country of me! ...
Bond-san sooo nice! He say he wish to share happy moment with whole world! America is dream country of me! …


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  1. I am also a German and of course as such a “longnose” which lives in a rural environment of Nippon together with my japanese wife but if I see such things like that…I could puke!
    No matter which countrys such apes infest….China, Korea or Nippon. The natives peoples of the East Asian Countries don’t deserve such degenerated shit, wrapped in a human skin. But the bastard who calls themself “David Bond” doesn’t look like a withe guy…rather like a near-east monkey or turkey. And the manners of this bunch remember me very well of my years in Oslo.
    They should once come to us and start this show. Japanese people often have too much patience, but here in the country side blows an another wind! What a luck, something like these two stupid monkeys you will never see here.
    Sorry for my bad English skills…but it was never my favorit language^^

  2. Fantastically honest post!
    Sadly western influence often tends to have a negative effect on Japan. This is a great example of such negative influence and another reason why I so easily understand any uneasy feelings some Japanese have towards gaijin.

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