Merkel Regime fires spy master Hans-Georg Maaßen over his allusions to a German dictatorship

Chief of Spies Couldn’t take the Propaganda Anymore

He did what History whispered him to do. Germany’s Chief Master of Espionage, Hans-Georg Maaßen, exposed Merkel Germany as a fake democracy and tyranny of the politically-correct Left.

“I have already experienced a lot of German media manipulation and Russian disinformation. But that our politicians and the media invent freely a so-called “hate hunting” and spread this misinformation unchecked was for me a new quality of false reporting in Germany.” -Hans-Georg Maaßen

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Germany’s War Against its own People

He, who is in charge of propaganda and spreading disinformation, called the state propaganda and spreading of disinformation in this country “a new quality of false reporting.”

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Under the Merkel regime, Germany experienced terror, crime, and lawlessness not seen before. A dictatorship of the liberal left emerged that wants to erase the German people and replace them with migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Censorship and crackdown on the natives ensued, while the media and all public institutions were co-optated. Merkel has succeeded into transforming former West Germany into the successor of East Germany, including the founding of a thought police and the relentless prosecutions of wrong-think.

“I never imagined that the fear of me and of the truth put parts of politics and media in such panic and hysteria that four sentences of mine are sufficient to trigger a government crisis in Germany.” -Hans-Georg Maaßen

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Merkel transformed former West Germany into a Tyranny and Dictatorship

Maaßen had to see his own people suffer from witch-hunt and prosecution for simply telling the truth. He just couldn’t take it anymore. For his honest opinion about the state of affairs in Germany, he was fired today, Monday 5th, 2018. His “official” original sin? He exposed the lies fabricated by the Merkel regime and the regime media. He exposed the lies about so-called ‘Hetzjagden gegen Ausländer’ -the hunting down of migrants- in the East-German city of Chemnitz. Such hunts didn’t take place, he declared. That statement was the end of him.

Heads are going to roll

As a regime top agent, Maaßen is supposed to shut his mouth, NOT to embarrass his masters. God knows, he might haven friends and colleagues who think like him. They all have to be silenced now.

There are no words to describe the scope of slander and smear campaigns now against Hans-Georg Maaßen. He is called everything from a right-wing extremists to a Nazi. His family, friends, sympathizers, and everyone who supports him are thought criminals by association.

“In the following week, I made clear to the relevant parliamentary committees that a fight against right-wing extremism does not justify inventing right-wing extremist crimes.” -Hans-Georg Maaßen

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The Terror never ends in “New Germany”

The regime media is on its war path to poop his name brown for now and all eternity. Meanwhile, jobless Maaßen threatens to spill some more beans. Before that happens, he has to be dehumanized and then completely censored. He must not be given a platform.

If he still goes too far, at some point, however, he would have to leave the country for his own sanity. Another truth-teller, gone.