Merkel regime covers up 600,000 migrant crimes!!!

Germany: A country of falsified statistics

“Migrants are no more criminal than Germans” lied the regime press non-stop from 2015 to 2017. This turned out to be a ‘fake news’ campaign. In reality, the regime had to cover-up 600,000 migrant crimes in 2016 alone! The only problem: The combined powers of corrupt politicians, the colluded media, and the Federal Bureau of Crime Statistics cannot hide the truth forever. That’s because of the Internet:


Merkel regime categorizes migrant crimes as German crimes

Germany has extreme censorship laws that forbid the reporting of ethnicity and nationality of criminal criminals. The bare mentioning of criminal migrants from Africa or the Middle East or Eastern Europe constitutes a hate crime. Critics of Islam are by definition: Nazis. Meanwhile, the victims of migrant crimes, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands by now, are of course deplorable right-wing extremists. They are so many deplorable right-wing extremists now in Germany, that they joint together and build a new deplorable right-wing extremist party: the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

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Invasion and oppression of the natives not seen since the extermination of the Indians in North America

Police sanctify criminal migrants for fear of being labelled ‘racist’. Prosecutors shield criminal migrant gangs from being prosecuted. A police training school in Berlin reports: We are being subverted by migrant clans. [The regime denies it, censors testimonies]. Native Germans are the main targets [70%] of migrant crimes: battery, assault, sexual harassment, burglary, pick-pocketing, drug dealing, vandalism, and ‘hate crimes’ [white German women are the ultimate trophy], let alone Islamic terrorism. The regime is so horrified at the thought that this all could leak to foreign media, that it now censors US social media and all alternative media.

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Germany the most corrupt regime in Western hemisphere, thanks to Angela Merkel

Major German cities now have no No-go zones where parallel migrant societies have emerged. Turks, Arabs, and Africans join the ultra-liberal regime and call openly for the population replacement of the native Germans. Nothing and nobody is safe from this terror, and everybody knows somebody or has experienced himself some migrant crime: humiliated, intimidated, broken in spirit. The regime bans certain keywords in Germany as ‘hateful comments’: genocide, invasion, take-over.

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Save the women and children, lock your houses, don’t go out at night

Allah akbar! Death to the infidels! Take their women, burn their houses and take their land, than cry victim, VICTIM: Evil German Nazis! And your other 600,000 crimes will be hushed under the carpet: The anti-German regime won’t punish anti-German articles, videos, comments: Hate crimes against Germans go unpunished, even encouraged and hyped-up by the regime media. Foreign observers talk about an INSANE German Guilt Cult, a Death Wish, and a Suicidal Nation. [-Sargon of Akkad, Black Pigeon Speaks, The Rebel Media].

But fear not, there is a solution on the horizon: Top German cadre have decided that… in the words of the German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier: State-sanctioned Nazi-guilt ought to be compulsory to newly arrived migrant as well! Then, we might get a chance of duly prosecuting migrants too. Allahu akbar!

Immigrants Account for 1/3 of All Crime Suspects, says Federal Police Report