CNN Goes Trump Concentration Camps and Extermination of Illegal Immigrants

CNN insinuates that Donald Trump might start to exterminate illegal immigrants in death camps.

A person, hysterical and obviously mentally ill, Angela Rye, warns on CNN that it is only a small step from concentration camps to death camps, and compares 2019 Trump America to 1933 Hitler Germany.

On TV! Prime time TV! I don’t know where to start. How shameful, how disgusting!

CNN turning into a Cult

And also: simply wrong! Are you so desperate, CNN, to getting that many more views? How low is too low?

I would go so far as to saying that CNN is transforming into a dangerous anti-Trump cult. No conspiracy theory, no slander, no misinformation is cheap enough not to throw at the President of the United States.

This could go out of hand soon. Every cult has fanatic cult followers who do stupid things.

Good bye serious journalism. Welcome to CNN concentration camps and death camps in America! Wow!

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