Merkel regime censors social media prior to re-election

There is no censorship. [Article 5, German Basic Law]


In the following video, you will hear a summary of news on the current situation and future plans of the German government to combat hate comments on the web.

The government coalition has agreed on a stricter approach to hate speech and misinformation on social media.

The coalition wants it enforced that Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have easily accessible complain offices that react within 24 hours. Otherwise they will face delicate penalties. Unionsfraktionschef Volker Kauder and Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas have arranged for this.

Facebook and other platforms failed to comply with their legal obligations in Germany when it comes to deleting hate comments and fake messages with defamatory character.

It is therefore necessary to readjust and to demand that the deadlines be complied with. “The fine has to work and, in doubt, hurt,” said Kauder.

Maas expressed the expectation that “the deletion practices of Facebook must be significantly improved.” In the coming weeks, the current practice of deletion will be evaluated by external auditors.

“If still too few criminal contents are being erased, we urgently need legal consequences,” Maas announced. It is important that there should be contact persons in the networks for complaints. “So far, the social networks have not responded, playing to the motto of “dead beetle.” This is not acceptable, “said Kauder.

Whoever has a business model with millions of entries and contributions, “he must also make sure that it is done right.”

According to the words of Kauder, it is mainly about maintaining fairness in the upcoming Bundestag election campaign. “Situations such as we have experienced last in the American presidential election campaign must not be tolerated in Germany,” explained the CDU politician.

German president of Bundestag Norbert Lammert criticized “a brutalization of forms of communication in the so-called social media.” The calumnies and verbal abuses and immediate threats of violence against politicians are “in no way acceptable.”

Lammert went on to say, “I want a consistent approach to hate comments. There should be a minimum penalty for such offenses to prevent prosecutors and judges to reject criminal proceedings on grounds of alleged irrelevancy.”

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