Media’s “Trump is a racist conman” distorts American brand

Why would the mainstream media report Michael Cohen’s “Trump is a racist conman” unless it also wants to sow hatred and division?

“Trump erupts over explosive Michael Cohen testimony calling president a ‘racist conman'” -The Independent

A lying ex-lawyer wiggles himself through criminal charges by calling the president, his former client, ugly names such as “cheater” and “racist conman” and the media report this globally. Why?

“Cohen: Trump is a racist, con man, cheat” -CNN.

What happened to the press code? Ever heard of journalistic integrity, responsibility? Not everything a corrupt, disloyal lawyer says to distract from his own crimes should be reported ad verbatim. Unless, of course, that media wants to smear the presidency and, by extension, the people who voted for the president and, by conclusion, this country. Yes, spreading the ‘racist conman’ narrative is bad for the country because the president represents the country, at the very least his voters.

One could always brush off this kind of gossip journalism as self-hate or low self-esteem. After all, many journalists project their unhappiness with the world, let alone their racism and hatred, onto their articles and are welcoming to anyone of rank and file they could quote on their own prejudices. It’s called an ‘expert testimony’ and makes the journalist look impartial because after all it wasn’t him or her who said “racist conman” but a struggling criminal, no?

This is how some disgruntled papers ‘get back’ at society. By smearing it.

That ‘he-said, she-said’ journalism is the highest form of gossip news. It is used to present rumors as alleged facts. No proof is required, as only a quote was taken. An army of ‘press soldiers’ at our papers use this free pass to abuse the presidency and our nation.

Bashing, bitching, hurting. “He fucks me, I fuck him” reports Die Zeit about Felix Sater on Donald Trump. The time of so-called quality journalism is evidently over if the f-word travels over into the daily national discourse. It reflects the revengeful journalistic ego: ‘This asshole is going down’.

That ‘asshole’ may indeed go down, but he is still the president of the United States of America, lest that is easily forgotten at Reuters. Rest assured, the key journalists in question who now have spread the “racist conman” narrative all over the U.S.A. and the world damaged not just the presidency but their own house’s reputation. That’s because the people out there, hundreds of millions of them, are imitating the media and no longer hold their barrels when it comes to litter their political office holders with all sorts of abuses. Ultimately, they will not refrain from attacking the corrupt media, too.

Psychologists have a lot to say about corrupt journalists, the mass media, and obsessive projection. As the Guardian puts it: “Trump’s a racist conman – and that’s the brand America bought.”