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Mass hysteria today at Japan Today, the online portal for News in Japan. My opinion piece entitled ‘Political Correctness Preventing Child Births in Japan’ caused a militant leftist backlash. I was smeared, slandered, and compared to Alex Jones, the US conspiracy theorist.

What was my crime? Well, I said that the tyranny of political correctness in Japan prevents child births and that our media was partly to blame. And by censoring this piece, Japan Today proved my point.

It is impossible now to discuss the problem of declining child births in Japan in the context of leftist anti-life propaganda. You get banned, deleted, and shot down immediately.

All I did was pointing out that a feminist agenda and anti-life block out there in the internet is forcing women, via political indoctrination, to prevent pregnancies, to terminate pregnancies through abortions, and to voluntarily forgo motherhood or at least postpone it to as late as possible.

This, I claim, is political indoctrination and the propaganda of political correctness that is threatening families and women and, now, apparently also the journalists at Japan Today.

A sad day for journalism in Japan.

Do not give up your right to freedom of speech, which is a human right. There must be room in the public discourse for all opinions. Do not censor. Do not ban people. Do not delete their articles. Do not remove important information from the public’s eye.


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  1. Slandered? Smeared? You’re whinging because a bunch of people thought your opinion was shitty? Aw, poor you.

    Censored? Yeah, they sure stopped you from publishing your opinion on the internet, didn’t they. They completely took away your freedom of speech by … not letting you post on their website.

    I’m sure you are devastated now that you have nowhere at all to post your shitty opinions. Oh wait…..

    And you call us snowflakes? ;)

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