Internet Magic: 4Chan To Transform # Into New Nazi Symbol?

Do you believe in Internet sorcery and online witchcraft, in meme magic and 4Chan voodoo?

There are in-explainable forces out there, unleashed and multiplied by the power of geeks and gamers and programmers who troll, and thus manipulate, the system or what we call “reality.” They are unrestrained by political correctness or speech code. They are anonymous.

A funny picture, a harmless convention, a silly meme can be turned into a powerful weapon and time-and-space bending worldwide tremor of dire consequences.

We all recall Pepe the Frog - a.k.a. Lord Kek - who made Donald Trump the President, or the O.K.-sign that overnight was turned into a symbol of White Power and supremacy!

The core engine of Internet magic and meme spell power is 4Chan, or better: it’s /pol/ board - a space for truthers and conspiracy theorists.

4Chan is so powerful that entire countries such as Germany would love to ban it, if only they could.

Now the trolls of 4Chan have announced a revenge on the censorship madness of social networks such as Twitter and Youtube. In order to retaliate the censors, 4Chan wants to cast a curse so powerful, it will forever change the meaning of the hashtag symbol # into “white nationalism,” thus forcing Twitter and Youtube to either accept blatant racism on their platforms or delete themselves.

How will 4Chan do it? “We must start using hashtag # to represent the swastika on memes and social media,” one user explained the procedure.

If the witchcraft succeeds remains to be seen, but it is likely! If enough people see it, believe it, and share it, even the giant tech companies won’t escape “the magical results.”

It will certainly force the hands of our ruthless, corporate digital oppressors.

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