Get 1,000 Visitors To Your Website And You Win

It is easy to get views on Youtube, Instagram, or Tumblr. That’s because it is not your platform, but global firms that everyone knows. They have visibility. If you run your own website, however, you start from nothing and a prayer!

So, you decided to take the plunge and be your own project.

You have a small business or a great hobby.

You set up your website…

It is more expensive than you thought. Minimum for hosting and security, say perhaps $150-250/year. You may have hired a web-designer, that’s $1,000-2,500/one-time. You even set a small budget aside for promotion, say $50/month. Still, nothing happens. You’ll get 10, at most 20 views a day! (Most of it is yourself, logging in from various places.)

Then, slowly, folks start to notice that you exist. They seem to like your content. They return for more…

So, what is the ideal number of visitors you should be aiming for?

The answer:

You should be aiming for 1,000 visitors to your website, each month!!!

That’s it. The magic number of monthly visitors to your site is 1,000. That’s about 35 visitors a day, every day! It doesn’t matter which niche, branch, or field you are working in, your aim is getting [at least] 1,000 visitors a month!

Some have no problem with it, most struggle painfully: There are 1,285,759,146 (billion!) websites registered, worldwide (July, 2016). The vast majority, 99% of all websites in the world do NOT get 1,000 visitors/month! If you have a website with 1,000 visitors/month (not page views but unique visitors!), this will rank your site among the top 10m in the world, for example with Alexa Page Rank. That is HUGE!

You may disagree with me. By all means, check as many other websites as you like. And then, hopefully, you will come back here and tell me I was right: For that first 1,000/month “followers” you will have to work really, really hard. Look at them as “customers.” This should give you a sense of responsibility.

If you attract 1,000 visitors to your site in a month, every month, that is A LOT OF TRAFFIC! Be proud of your success! As a Golden Rule for Websites: 1,000 visitors/month is a brand.

3,000 visitors/month is a small celebrity.

10,000 visitors/month is a solid movement.

30,000 visitors/month is a phenomenon.


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