Kevin Spacey distracts from Hollywood pedophiles by coming out as a gay man

Hollywood is sticking it into the young ones

When caught in acts of immoral behavior, Hollywood celebrities usually fall back on to two unfailing excuses: Being a Jew or being gay. Nobody can accuse a Jew or a homosexual, for that would amount to hate crime. Kevin Spacey has no Jewish ancestors, even after hard-googling him, but he surely is gay as fuck.

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Sexually harassing minors is OK, ’cause I’m so gay

Spacey chose the day of his ‘coming out of the closet’ after having been accused of sexually impressing himself on then 14-years old child actor Anthony Rapp in 1986. Rapp, now 46, exposed Spacey in light of recent media reports on Hollywood’s rampant, sickening problem with child abusers. It is very normal, apparently, in Hollywood to “fuck one’s way up” into the higher tiers of stardom, and, once being at the top, to “fuck hopeful girls and boys.” You first give, you later take.

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Entertainment business is also meat business

Spacey said he couldn’t exactly recall what happened that night because he was too drunk when he invited 14-years old Rapp into his apartment…bed, but the star apologizes… because he is a gay man! To his shock, what might have passed through in the 80s and 90s: Celebrity and homosexuality won’t exonerate a movie star in 2017. Morals have changed. Homosexuality is not a free pass to Disneyland anymore. Spacey can probably tank the disappointment. He is after all one of the most successful actors out there, probably because he has seen it all and done some more.

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Apropos Hollywood’s fetish for young meat: Now the world is waiting for Corey Feldman’s TOTAL EXPOSURE of Hollywood’s “perverts and sexual predators” in his forthcoming documentary. If victims and witnesses won’t suddenly change their minds, that is.