100,000 views, and a Super-religion in the 21st Century

Thank you everybody very much for stopping by at the East-West Dichotomy.com every now and then, which as of 01. October 2015 accumulated over 100,000 unique page views since re-uploading the site two years ago. For its particular field and niche this probably a lot - and I’m grateful for your interest and your curiosity. By the way, the all-favorite topics were Language Imperialism, Shengren, Beida vs Tsinghua, Kang Yikun (the student goddess), and Chinese Mistress Culture.

Stand: 01 Oct 2015

To the occasion, I’d like to give some shout-outs to the following selection of remarkable persons that I’ve had the pleasure, and the honor, to cooperate with over the years. In random order, they are: Eric Draitser, Victor Fic, Min Weiyuan, Yao Minji (Emily), Vaughan Winterbottom, Olga Sorokina, Eric Arnow, James Corbett, Christina Boutrup, Wang Yong, Li Hao, Randy Flagg, and Liu Fangnian. All the best, my friends, and good luck to your cause!


As I researched quite a few Eastern spiritual leaders and sects over time, I’m sometimes being asked, “What is the most bizarre one?” That’s of course is hard to decide on, but a close call to sheer awesomeness is this man-god “Kyososama” in Tokyo who has the Divine Power, who cures incurable diseases, who removes rigor mortis from corpses, who mastered telekinesis, who invented many things, who has a wife who also helped him, and who has brought to mankind the “Super-religion In the 21st Century” (picture taken at Shinreikyo in Daikanyama, Tokyo):

Shinreikyo - A Super-Religion in the 21st Century; 2015

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Thorsten and I hope you have many more happy years on the helm of East-West dichotomy!

    The Flagg

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