The Independent: from Quality to Gossip to Crap News

The Downfall of The Independent

I’m totally convinced that the year 2016 was the year of fake. The fakestream media, or legacy media, or dishonest media -whatever you want to call it — lies completely exposed.

People have always known that they mustn’t trust the state or corporate propaganda with a rusty pike of iron, but now they believe it with absolute certainty, and that’s an evolutionary bottleneck: We have to crawl to get through this! All of us!

The New York Times is fraudulent scam. CNN is sick news. MSNBC is news porn. The Economist is a terrorist organization. Die Zeit and Der Spiegel (German) produce miserable totalitarian propaganda all day. The Guardian is a disgrace to intelligence. The Wall Street Journal accuses every one of being a Nazi. To sum them up: They are all… Buzzfeed now. They are all… HuffPost. They are all gossip and click-bait, terror and tear apart. ARD and ZDF (German) are regime TV pissing on the people. BBC is empire-no-more TV. The Washington Post is anti-American. And The Independent has decided that ‘retard’ was still a niche.

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The Independent, the crap legacy media, went fully retard with this disgusting hit piece on Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks, accusing the two of sporting the ‘OK’ hand sign during the White House Press Briefing. White supremacist!
The Independent goes fully click-bait with this shitty ‘what-if’ journalism on how the impeachment of Donald Trump would work out. Note that The Independent precisely belongs to the fake news media that actively seek to smear and destroy the US president, then hallucinates how his end will play out. Urgh.
The Independent lied about Hillary Clinton’s presidency, and it lied about Donald Trump’s impeachment. Now it has to hate the world, shitting ‘completely f*******’ all over the place. Total media fail.
Unbelievable crap journalism from The Independent. They lied about Clinton’s presidency, now they try to change reality: Clinton. Legal right. Next Us president. Law professor. Your rotten paper is fake news!

From Gossip Press to Crap Media

The Independent’s rise and fall is spectacular. It started in 1986 as an agreeable centrist racket (80,000 circulation), then turned into a gossip press and tabloid (220,000 circulation), then turned into online-format only, spreading fake and crap and rumors. It currently spends its rest-money on Yahoo! syndication and hangs around Washington D.C., specializing on US smear and yellow and brown gossip.

To die from neglect: The Independent thankfully stopped its print edition in 2016 because it was failed journalism. Turns into e-media. Now total crap.

The Independent, now online-scam and click-bait, hires cheap writers bloggers — lunatics, radical feminists, and social justice warriors — who troll, trigger, and whine in the hope that one in a thousand attacks will stick and become viral ‘news’. That one about ‘right wingers creating safe spaces’ [see image] became viral, but was later retracted. Total fabrication and look-at-me poop.

The Future of The Independent

I’m afraid The Independent can’t get any lower. Unfortunately, it can get bigger: Cheap sensation, virtue signalling, progressive lunacy. Offending everyone in the hope to create… more attention. Non-experts writing on expert topics. Crystal-ball readings. What-if-reporting. Link-farming. The crap media hires anyone with experience in social media and image boards —4chan, reddit— in order to infiltrate the geeks, the nerds, and the conspiracy theorists. Below a piece that links the London terrorist attack to… ta ta ta taa… 4chan! The internet image board! WOOOW!

The Independent, the online tabloid, incorporates 4Chan in its terrorist attack London piece in hope to create ‘viral news’.

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