Germany’s AfD makes a rogue of itself

“Now he realised that the system could never be reformed from within but would have to be overthrown.” -Tariq Ali

COLOGNE. The Alternative for Germany, short AfD, is the hell’s place of countless torments for the Merkel socialist regime. That the regime calls the nationalist AfD right-wing extremist Nazis is no surprise. It’s the harshest insult in the books.

Suddenly, however, the AfD turned all whimsy and whiny. Instead of barking back at the regime (after all, the AfD got 13% of votes for government), it decided to challenge the regime legally and through the country’s courtrooms. Can this really work? Changing the system from within?

To simplify things: The AfD desires the regime to NOT call the AfD right-wing extremist Nazis. Why, because that effects the German Spy Agency to surveil the AfD. In order to protect the constitution.

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So, the cool legal way, the experts of the AfD figured, was to go to court and evoke an injunction: Stop calling us right-wing extremist Nazis so the Spy Agency stops surveilling us. Easy beans.

When the Fail is so strong, one mockery is not enough. And would you know it, the court totally agrees this week in speedy proceedings that, yes, it is totally wrong to report about the AfD being surveilled as right-wing extremist Naziz -a ‘test case’- even if that’s the case.

Huh? And here, the AfD’s strategic foolishness truly shines. As a result of the funny court ruling, the regime media keep reporting: The AfD is surveilled as right-wing extremist Nazis ‘test case’ but the courts ordered the Spy Agency must not report it. Nowhere it says the regime or the regime media cannot report it.

“Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution: AfD must not be publicly referred to as ‘test case’. The Spy Agency accepts a court urgent decision. Although the authority examines whether there are extremist traits in the AfD, but no longer reports about it.” -Die Zeit

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The new pitilessness. The regime media will now forever scoff at the AfD as right-wing extremist Nazis that the German Spy Agency surveils but cannot report because, well, we’re following the rule of law. Hahaha.

Best I like the regime TV’s reaction:

“The Spy Agency may continue to check the AfD. But it may no longer speak publicly of it as “test case”. -ARD

Or this one, by the regime press:

“The Spy Agency must not call the AfD a “test case”. This was decided by the Administrative Court of Cologne.” -Sueddeutsche

And to add salt to injury, the regime even produces relevant talk shows:

“Boom in Berlin: The Spy Agency surveils the largest opposition party in the Bundestag. The AfD becomes a so-called test case.” -Maischberger, ARD

The AfD has only itself to blame. It framed itself, so to speak. And the court and the Spy Agency are probably laughing their butts off.