Merkel won election, will change Germany forever: Biological and Cultural Marxism

What are you doing to Germany, Ms. Merkel? I am doing many things. I am a German, I am not a German, I am a human, I am an African, I am a Muselman, I am a chancellor and a physicist and a remarkable philosopher, but above all I am making us diverse.

Our Dear Supreme Leader Angela Merkel readies for her 4th term as Chief commander of now very ethnic and cultural diverse Germany. Her only challenger, token last-minute social democrat Martin Schulz, has substance abuse and mental problems, but will probably make it number Two. Ahem. The regime’s singular problem, however, is the rise of a people’s alternative: The ‘Alternative for Germany’ or short: the AfD.

The AfD is the only political opposition force since the Germany’s puppet-regime was installed by the allies in 1945 after WW2. In other words: the Merkel regime, by now inbred and corrupt beyond repair, is totally unprepared for this, in panic-mode even, that “the people” could actually vote their own representatives instead of simply confirming the regime-candidate. The ‘Alternative for Germany’ is a force of liberation from foreign control (Brussels, mostly). The party is political akin to the early Republican Party in the USA: A patriotic, freedom-loving, independent party that upholds state sovereignty and the rule of law. (Merkel keeps breaking the laws whenever she pleases).

German regime-funded NGOs traffic male Africans into Europe

Biological and Cultural Marxism

Meanwhile, the Merkelians, from the ‘Christian Democratic Party’ (CDU) to the Social Democrats (SPD), from the Linke to the Grünen, are all in cahoots and comparable, perhaps, to the Democratic Party in the USA today: extreme left, thinking themselves progressive, they demand Globalism: censorship state, Islamification, population replacement, race mixing, and socialism.

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The Merkelians fight the ‘Alternative’ like Stalin fought the dissidents, except the mass executions… to no avail: Despite political oppression and enemy propaganda, let alone arrests, harassment and crackdown, the AfD is likely to win anywhere between 10% to 20% of the total votes. That translates roughly into 70 AfD seats in the next German parliament. Not bad for a party that 4 years ago didn’t even exist. The Merkel regime smears the AfD as “Nazis” and “right-wing extremists” and what not… soon they will have to govern alongside them.

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Tyrant: In her election campaign in 2010, Merkel boasted that “multiculturalism has failed, utterly failed”. After being elected, however, she launched massive hate campaigns against her native Germans, ultimately preparing their extinction and replacement.

Genocide now totally OK!

In world history, not since Moctezuma II has a leader so openly colluded with foreign invaders than Ms. Merkel. The childless tyrant throws her own people under the Darwinian fast train for short-term political gain. She forms alliances, say, with Muslim imams and African chieftains, millions of foreigners that, if human nature and the rise of terrorists attacks are any guidance, will show no mercy when their time comes. The madwoman associates with Syrians, Afghans, Moroccans, Somalis, Turks, all migrants really... in an attempt to criminalize and shame her native Germans as inherently xenophobe and racist. It is the ethnic Germans, infertile and too-white, who have to make way for the New Germans: A 100 billion euros campaign (over the next 5 years) has been set into motion to empower 2 million “refugees”-mostly Muslim men of fighting age-to settle in German cities and drive the Germans off into the suburbs and the countryside. The  “New Germans” get free housing, free travel, free health care services, free insurance, free lawyers. The police ignores the many petty crimes such as looting supermarkets for fear of being labelled ‘race-police’. Up to one million “family members” of migrants (brothers, uncles, brides) are expected to arrive in 2018, on top of those tens of thousands who cross into Germany every month illegally.

Foreign leaders have mocked Merkel for her uncalled-for, stupid cultural suicide. US Trump and Russia’s Putin called the opening of the EU borders irresponsible and insane, while Turkey’s Erdogan spurred his 3 million Turks who dwell in Germany to “out-breed” the natives. Which they do. It could be argued that those leaders don’t say these things out of ill-will, but as desperate shaming tactic to WAKE THE GERMANS up and defend themselves against their government from hell.

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Germans don’t own Germany, she said

Merkel poses with “New Germans”

It is really too late for saving the natives, of course. 21% of the population in Germany are now with migration background, and they are just too many [and with higher birthrates than the natives] to integrate. Instead, they will demand their own laws, places of worship, political parties, holidays, and school curriculum, and nobody can blame them for it. Merkel’s regime press hails this as victory: We are now a land of immigrants, like America-hurrah! What they don’t say is that the gullible Germans play the part of the Native Americans.

German police and media are instructed to omit nationality and ethnicity of criminal migrants who do as they please in their conquered lands. Prosecutors don’t prosecute criminal migrant gangs. It is the most irritating phenomenon in colonialism, only comparable, perhaps, to the callousness of the Chinese in the 20th century when they stood by as European and Japanese looted, raped, and spit on them. This is called breaking the spirit of some people. Many German ‘do-gooders’ and ‘virtue-signalers’ cooperate with the migrants, and major politicians have called for extinction of the Germans as the best thing that could ever happen [videos aplenty on Youtube].

German schools now indoctrinate white German children to hate themselves and denounce their white Germanic heritage as the only way to atone for “their” Nazi sins. Foreigners of all colors are ‘showcased’ by the state media as the true victims: they are ‘afraid’ of white Germans. They feel ‘discriminated’. The anti-German propaganda 24/7 is highly successful. White Germans avoid the city centers. White German men are the butt joke of racist talk shows. Especially German women welcome migrant African and Arabs; they prefer dominant foreign men, or not to have white children at all. White children will face extreme discrimination in this country. The future, they feel, belongs to black and brown [mixed] races.

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The censorship state and totalitarian European Union

Meanwhile, German society has changed beyond recognition during Merkel’s utopia. Ghettorization, no-go areas, curfew for women. Migrant crime rates have gone through the roof, although… there are no migrant crimes in socialism. The real criminal is: the anti-Merkel German. Thought police. Citizens inform on citizens. The childless leader, called “Mutti” by her cultish followers, is a pathological liar and former East German cadre: She personifies the subversion and corrosion of a population [in East Germany: Zersetzung]. Her vision: De-nationalization (handing sovereignty to the totalitarian, unelected European Union), population replacement, Islamification, defamation of political enemies, and the censorship state. Her Minister of Justice, the fascist Heiko Maas, extorted US companies with fines of up to 50 million euros for hosting ‘hate speech.’ He also wrote a manifesto on how to rape the Germans like no one has raped them since Third Reich propaganda minister Josef Goebbels. Hundreds of paid agents and thousands of brainwashed volunteers patrol the internet for ‘hateful comments’ and ‘fake news.’

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The folks will vote Merkel again anyway, as the majority of Germans are fearful and have no access to alternative news anyway. They think holding a tyrant in power for 16 years is “democracy”-haha! There is no free speech in Germany, and many conservative American sites and opinion-makers are blocked in Germany. The Germans hear, day in day out, that they must mix with Third world races and cultures from Africa to the Middle East, that they have no right to their homeland, that Merkel is the best, that multicultural New Germany is the envy of the world, and that other world leaders, from Putin and Erdogan to Xi and Trump, are just bloody Hitlers.

Her campaign slogan is perhaps the ultimate insult to the Europeans: “There is no Alternative!


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