Germany Gives in to Terrorism “We have to live with it” - Warns Against Hate Speech and Racism Against Terrorists

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—After the Christmas Market Truck Massacre in the German capital, the Merkel regime is busy stepping-up its pro-migrant propaganda [now more than ever!] and sides with the migrant terrorists. Mass media boast with anti-German agitprop, featuring migrant voices who ask Germans to be tolerant and calm. Critics of the regime are denounced on state media and social media as populists, racist, and right-wing extremists.

Visiting the crime scene, backed up by snipers, and surrounding themselves with token migrants, the Merkel clique staged historic photographs, vowing not to let racism win.

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Angela Merkel is financing the crime waves and the terror indirectly by having opened the borders in 2015, providing visa, shelter, living space, financial support, and handing the inner cities to [unchecked] criminal groups of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who often rape, steal, harass, and sometimes murder German citizens. Police and media cover-up migrant crimes and systematically omit ethnicity and nationality of crime suspects. Federal Minister of Interior Thomas de Maizière: “We have to live with the terror.”

 by the East-West Writer


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