Migrant crimes: No-go zones emerge in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Duisburg, Cologne

Germany loses control of its parks and inner cities

The genocidal Merkel regime has criminalized all reporting about migrant crimes, and the description of criminal migrants is now a ‘hate crime’. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of Germans see their cities infested by criminal migrant gangs committing hate crimes against the Germans. The police and the prosecution and even the army… Merkel has mobilized all security forces to hunt down… the German natives! Not the criminal migrant, but the native Germans! Shut-up about migrant crimes or else we smear your name with Nazi, arrest you, look you up!

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Silencing the nation: Shut up about migrant crime epidemic

The regime is so desperate, it even threatens US social media corporations: do not give platform to reports about migrant crimes or else we fine you millions of euros. Hundreds of thought curators and thousands of self-professed red guards patrol the internet and spy and inform on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube users.

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Regime self-preservation more important than safety of its citizens

Yet, despite this new totalitarian state, the regime cannot cover-up its corruption forever. Thousands of tourists visited Germany this year and reported back: Germany as we know it doesn’t exist any more. Meanwhile, the police has ceased control of many streets, inner cities, and public parks to lawless Africans and Oriental family clans and gangs-euphemism as “the New Germans” by the regime press. Merkel uses these millions of migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees and illegal invaders as an army of mercenaries against her own race and people.

Note: No-go areas are districts or places (in Germany often around train stations) that are run-down, ghettoized, with high unemployment, or meeting points for the lowlifes, drug dealers, and other social parasites, that are considered so “dangerous” and “crime-ridden” that police do not even try any more to uphold law and order [few perpetrators speak German there, anyways], just making sure the dirt doesn’t spill over into surrounding areas.

Germany’s most notorious No-go Areas:

1. Hamburg, Billstedt

  • 2. Cologne, Kalk

    3. FrankfurtGallus

    4. Berlin, Neukölln

    5. Bonn, Bad Godesberg

    6. Duisburg, Marxloh

    7. Essen, Altenessen

    8. Dortmund, Nordstadt

9. Munich, Old Botanic Garden

Image source: Freiewelt.net