White Man’s Sexploitation Of Asian Women

May 21, 2019

White man’s exploitation of Asian women has an illustrious history. Although rampant everywhere in East-Asian from Thailand to Vietnam, from China to Japan, it was long considered universal taboo to talk about it. That’s because […]

The Devil Possesses Ilan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

May 17, 2019

Or better: Ilan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the devil of victimhood. After aggressive race-baiting, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish slurs, Ilan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the two Muslim congress women, are now playing the victims -again! So it […]

Warmonger John McCain dies from brain cancer

August 26, 2018

One of the greatest war criminals of our time died, and the corrupt globalist media wants to make him out a hero, but watch further: History will tear down this man’s statues and monuments. Don’t […]

Katie Hopkins RACE-BAIT FAIL in Africa

February 9, 2018

THERE IS NO RACISM IN AFRICA: REPORTING ABOUT IT IS RACISM Lauren Southern did it, so why not Katie Hopkins? It’s huge click-bait and the gossip jackpot: I’m going to investigate the murders of white […]

Terrorist Art Hits German Mainstream

February 10, 2017

Syrian-German artist Manaf Halbouni erects first “Monument” to Islamic Terror in the Center of Dresden DRESDEN (The East-West Writer) -In another humiliating blow to the nuts, the people of Germany now have to endure Islamic […]

German Racism in China has Daimler Bear the Brunt

November 22, 2016

BEIJING (The East-West Writer)—German media mirror this story about a German manager at Daimler in China who lost his cool and shouted at the top of his lungs: “You Chinese are all bastards!” In Beijing! On a […]

What is wrong with this Japanese picture?

November 17, 2016

It’s the drawing of a probably under-aged character in a Dojin-comic (self-published) hanging round in Akihabara shops, a popular tourist district in Tokyo. It’s legal. It’s even tax-free. Japan is hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic […]

The World War 3 Option

November 3, 2016

WASHINGTON (The East-West Writer)—Total victory over Russia and China is so close, and if the USA and its EU minions want to finish the job, they have to do it promptly. Or else Russia and […]

The Economist Propaganda Show

October 11, 2016

LONDON (The East-West Writer)—Last week, it reasoned to me. The English government might be a crook. Your second to the last prime minister, a war criminal. Your mass media (most of them), in cahoots with […]

On Racism and Empire

April 20, 2016

Hannah Arendt once wrote: “Imperialism would have necessitated the invention of racism as the only possible ‘explanation’ and excuse for its deeds, even if no race-thinking had ever existed in the civilized world.” But how […]

The Violent Cult of America, and Why Asians Should Quit

February 28, 2016

“Trust only him who doubts.” –Lu Xun WASHINGTON – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Asians, not just in America, emancipated and stopped being second-class earthlings? What’s the image of Asians – and we are talking mainly about […]

Jackie Chan is correct: US most corrupt

February 21, 2016

Jackie Chan earned his career and has probably nothing to lose (or so he thinks): Says US most corrupt. Now guess what’s happening to him… HONG KONG - Jackie Chan, the kung-fu superstar and comedy […]

Why the Western media back Hong Kong riots

February 20, 2016

HONG KONG - When seeing schools of protesters attacking and hurting 80 police officers and four reporters, the viceroys at the foreign correspondent club were probably all like, “Um, Er, if those hotheads throw brick […]

Unfassbar: Deutschland wieder Kriegsnation!

December 4, 2015

DIE ZEIT schreibt, daß Angela Merkel (zögerlich) jetzt doch Deutschland in den Krieg gegen IS (Islamischen Staat) führen will. Was erstaunt, und nicht nur wegen Deutschlands schlimmer Kriegsverbrechen im letzten Jahrhundert, sondern auch weil die […]

Western man and his Asian plaything

October 19, 2015

“Underdeveloped,” “immature,” “effeminate” – such adjectives from the life-sciences were often used to describe East-Asian cultures in the 20th century. By erroneously seeing ‘culture’ as an organic, living entity -a common metaphor even today- the Western imperialists […]

Western media is full of shit

March 20, 2015

The idea that only soldiers fought wars must be rigorously refuted. Scholarship, in fact, the history of the world, is not a string of truths, but the chronicle of survivors. Scholars and journalists are believed […]

Why the West censors Chinese words (Vocabulary Wars)

December 10, 2014

Western nations for centuries have used translation as a tool for cultural genocide. Historically there has always been rampant censorship in Western media and academia concerning Chinese terms and concepts. As a result, today’s Western […]

Ode to the Shengren (圣人)

November 24, 2014

NEW VIDEO: “In January 2012, Mr. Pattberg presented a rough manuscript, ‘Shengren‘, to a committee of professors at Peking University, in which he proposed the revival of the Confucian 圣人 and the return of Chinese […]

German Orientalism (Psst,… Video)

October 20, 2014

“In this critical piece syndicated by Global Research and Big Think, Dr. Thorsten J. Pattberg looks at how the German elites conduct themselves in China. Knowing little or nothing about cultural China, letting alone the […]

The Spirit of the German People

August 22, 2014

BERLIN - After the Great Wars, the USA “colonized” the German lands. The Reich (Empire) was de-Nazified, but also de-Germanized, with the result that German culture, German philosophy, and the German sciences all came to […]

Будущее Ханьбань и Институтов Конфуция

June 21, 2014

Торстен, как вам удалось получить место в Институте Конфуция? Ведь, как известно, организация представляет собой в некоторой степени закрытый бастион для иностранцев. В апреле прошлого года Пекинский университет направил меня на встречу с должностными лицами от […]

Knowledge is a Polyglot (The Future of Global Language)

March 17, 2014

Capitalism compels us to compete for natural resources, for market share, and for human capital. We also compete on the level of language, points out Thorsten Pattberg, a German writer, linguist, and cultural critic who writes for Big […]

Religious Scholars And Their Agenda

February 23, 2014

THE European missions to Asia consisted of very few highly specialized individuals trained in theology and the sciences. Their destination countries – India, Japan, China, and Indochina – were the size of civilizations. Wolves in […]

Diaoyusenkaku - The Monster in the China Sea

February 8, 2014

BEIJING AND TOKYO - The Chunjie celebrations have come to an end this week and, starting from next Monday, we can expect Beijing’s political retaliations against Tokyo and Manila for having interfered in its maritime […]

Western dominance versus Asian submission

January 25, 2014

Tales from the Age of Orientalism “Western mass media and cultural consumer entertainment were compelled to strengthen the objectification of Asia: Asia as an all-perverted –  animalistic if you like –  place of Western sexual […]

The Future of Global Language and the Rise of Chinese Terminologies

October 15, 2013

北京大学高等人文研究院讲座:未来的全球语言与中文术语的崛起 The Future of Global Language and the Rise of Chinese Terminologies 【主讲人】裴德思 博士 (Pattberg,Thorsten) 【时  间】2013年10月17日(周四),下午15:00-17:00 【地  点】高等人文研究院,北京大学守仁国际研究中心 【主办方】北京大学高等人文研究院 讲座文章摘要 Chinese words are underrepresented in the English language for a variety of reasons but […]

The American Confucianism Complex

August 24, 2013

HOW the perfect American Confucianism ought to be constructed. (feat.  TU Weiming, Roger T. Ames, and T. Pattberg,) Read FULL STORY at BIG THINK. About Dragons and Pandas: “Long” and “xiongmao” are the two creatures that have come to […]

Having the Sovereignty over the Definition of Thought

May 14, 2013

Western domination over World History We have been there before. The West still cultivates the out-dated notion that “knowledge only exists if it’s the West that knows it.” The consequences of past Euro-centricism are far-reaching: By […]

Pattberg: Time for Chinese culture to strike back

February 15, 2013

Asia Times: Time for Chinese culture to strike back BEIJING - Failure to care about “cultural property rights” as much as Beijing frets over sovereignty of lands and seas has seen too many Chinese concepts […]


January 2, 2013

裴德思:中国的儒家圣诞节 裴德思 著 吴万伟 译 北京:知道孔子的人很少,不是说不知道他是谁,而是说不知道他做了什么。这个古代的老师有很多名字,如大成至圣文宣王、大师、孔夫子等。但是和基督教圣经中的圣诞老人尼古拉斯(Nicholas)或者(Santa Claus)不同,孔子不是基督教圣人而是中国圣人,更确切地说,孔子是圣人。 儒家的圣人(有数百位之多)就像佛教的佛一样与欧洲特征格格不入的。他们培育塑造理想的人格,成为以家庭为基础的中国价值观传统中的最高成员,圣人拥有最高的道德标准,即德,他们使用仁义礼智信的原则把所有人都当作大家庭的一员。 但是,即使在中国,也只有少数学者被称为“圣人”。这是因为这个词和概念被小心翼翼地从思想史中挪走了。对17世纪和此后的西方传教士来说,孔子被错误地当成基督教的神一样崇拜,因而是就像西方的圣徒杰罗姆(Saint Jerome)或本笃(Saint Benedict)一样的真正的“圣徒”。 Read full text on Aisixiang.com here. Translation by Wu Wanwei.

Santa Confucius and Christmas in China

December 24, 2012

‘Santa Confucius’ and Christmas in China “The origin of the CHINESE nation was not long after the Flood … This being so, it must necessarily follow that the first inhabitants of CHINA had likewise the […]

Science Magazine: No shengren, please!

September 16, 2012

Science Magazine: No shengren, please! US Science Magazine excludes Chinese terminologies from its publications. If the shengren isn’t science, what in China is? The shengren is the single most important concept in the Chinese tradition. […]

The Rise of the Shengren - Gallery 1

August 22, 2012

  The Rise of the Shengren - Gallery 1 “How to empower 4 billion people? Return Asia its key terminologies!”-Pattberg A collection of images from the shengren project. The shengren is the most important concept […]

Thorsten Pattberg Interview on Stop Imperialism

August 18, 2012

Thorsten Pattberg Interview on Stop Imperialism BEIJING/NEW YORK - Eric Draitser talks with Thorsten Pattberg about Academic Imperialism, Language Imperialism, and Chinese and other foreign concepts that are left out of history and the global […]

Western Embargo on Chinese Concepts and Names

August 3, 2012

Academic Imperialism — China lost in translation BEIJING - In a recent Asia Times article Dr. Thorsten Pattberg from Peking University argues that European ownership of history is a language trick. Chinese concepts for example […]

Academic Imperialism - Alive and kicking!

July 28, 2012

The Frontiers of Academic Imperialism Published in Global Research, July 26, 2012 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the German philosopher and founder of the philosophy of history, once remarked that” the west absolutely is the end […]

Chinese of the world, unite?

July 24, 2012

  China: Lost in translation (Asia Times) - by Thorsten Pattberg “Chinese concepts are left out of history”-Thorsten Pattberg BEIJING - The “Frontiers of Philosophy in China” - a “distinguished” academic journal with an impressive […]

What is Language Imperialism?

June 25, 2012

What is Language Imperialism? (on Global Research TV) BEIJING/TOKYO - Language Imperialism is the translation of foreign key terminology into familiar vocabulary of one’s own language tradition in order to claim deutungshoheit,* to diminish another […]

East may triumph in linguistics (Global Times)

June 25, 2012

East may triumph in linguistics Eastern cultures, in particular the Chinese and the Hindu ones, are underrepresented in the history of thought with their unique and non-Western terminologies and classifications. If they wanted, they could […]

Time: Shengren? Only Western terminologies, please!

June 20, 2012

TIME: Shengren? Only Western terminologies, please! - Time, NYT, WSJ, Nature, and Science Magazine decline to mention the shengren.     “If Western science doesn’t know it, than it’s effectively unknown.” – K. David Harrison It’s […]

The Good Imperialism (A Visual Poem)

June 19, 2012

The Good Imperialism A visual poem by Thorsten Pattberg The original art work measures 185×122 cm (or 73×48 inches) It lists all United States military operations on foreign soil from 1801 to 2012. The complete […]

Western Shengren Translations

June 11, 2012

Western Shengren Translations A lot of Western scholars use all kinds of “translations” for shengren, instead of just adopting the Chinese term. They feel the urge of translation even where there’s nothing to translate. Not only is […]

Empire: My Language - Your Prison

May 31, 2012

Language and Empire: My Language, Your Prison By Thorsten Pattberg The limits of my language mean the limits of my world - Ludwig Wittgenstein Capitalism forces people to ruthlessly compete for market shares, natural resources, […]