Washington Post Continues Language Imperialism Shinzo ABE In Its Reporting

The Washington Post, leftist propaganda racket and fake news media, ignores Japan’s plea for using the correct Japanese names. The Post instead goes ahead in calling Shinzo Abe the Western way -given name first. The correct name is Abe Shinzo -surname first.

In a long report about US president Donald Trump’s upcoming trip to Japan, the Washington Post recklessly applies its ‘Language Imperialism’ to Japanese names.

The Western-style given-name-first was introduced to East-Asia during the times of Western colonialism. It is considered emotional and psychological abuse to reverse surnames and names. Unfortunately, the West is deaf when it comes to its dominance of language and thought.

We are now waiting for the other Western propaganda news, from the Economist magazine to the New York Times, to react or not react to Japanese polite request to end a racist, colonial language policy. Will they oblige Japan? I have the feeling, they will do not.

For the rest of us: It is ABE Shinzo, not Shinzo ABE.


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