US Language Imperialism Danger to Macau, Hong Kong, South China Sea

Dear [librarian at a University in Macau*] (if I may),

Thank you very much for your interest in ‘Language Imperialism & The End of Translation‘. I have never been to Macau. It must be beautiful there. I don’t really know how the Library of Congress system works, and do not plan to submit a copy to them, even if I had one.

I should warn you that cataloging this book title at your university library could get you into trouble. The book informs that we are living in a language dictatorship and that our American and European masters purposely have for centuries stripped the Chinese people off their words and their cultural property. Some schools who taught my ideas have been visited by the CIA. I am blacklisted in several countries.

The Western powers -tens of thousands of war-mongers, journalists (press soldiers) and academics (language imperialists)- are engaged in a huge global crackdown on Chinese thought, Chinese language, Chinese terms. Only a Westernized Chinese is a good Chinese. So you won’t do the island of Macau a Western service by hosting or promoting the resistance. Just saying.

Take care. Be safe!

Yours, sincerely

*Names withheld