White Man’s Sexploitation Of Asian Women

White man’s exploitation of Asian women has an illustrious history. Although rampant everywhere in East-Asian from Thailand to Vietnam, from China to Japan, it was long considered universal taboo to talk about it. That’s because white men in East-Asia act as if lawless. And if any local force gets in their way, they’ll cry “human rights abuse” or “oppression of freedom,” and the Western media will celebrate them as strong individuals with a cause.

Especially with heavy US military presence all over the region, Asian men are constantly coerced by Western media for not being fair and equal to their women. Asian women, so our propaganda press, are “suppressed” and need to be “liberated” by Western white knights. So much the lofty colonial rhetoric. In reality, of course, it is white man himself who created and sustains the tale of submissive Asian playthings.

Let’s get on with this: Novels such as ‘The World of Suzie Wong’ or movies such as ‘Full Metal Jacket’ aside, there are hundreds of amateur websites, forums, and blogs dedicated to explain, once and for all, how to get laid with Asian women (Tip: “she will NEVER say NO“). Enough to drive any Western feminist half out of her sanity. And while sexism and misogyny are widely under fire in intellectual Europe and the United States, Western lowlifes have relocated to the Far East and prey on “Asian meat.”

Is has gotten so bad, sooo bad, that Asian parents are now advising their daughters to stay away from neighborhoods frequented by Western military personnel, and from bar districts that are trafficked by Westerners. But we all know what happens if those girls turn eighteen, don’t we: They’ll go anyway!


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