For the Chinese, Becoming Western is the Ultimate Upgrade in Life

young chinese student in London

LONDON - So, a Chinese exchange student to the UK is preparing an article on racism against Chinese people (or mixed-race Chinese) living in the UK. Sinophobia.

So, maybe I can assist: Chinese words and terms are banned in the UK from all publications (Orwellian Rules of Writing). Universities do not accept Chinese grades or certificates, nor your view on history. It’s not racism. You are simply non-people as you come.

And the only way for you to become people is by slowly becoming Western. You get little rewards and perks every time you perform a Western trick. Like praising the Dalai Lama or Falun Gong. Also, endorse Chinese dissidents at all costs!

Denounce your government. This will get you high praises and sinecures in the UK. You praise the Chinese civilization, you are immediately reported to the authorities. Your phones calls and emails are under surveillance.

Remember that Hong Kong was/is a British colony. So, Chinese from Hong Kong are the best Chinese. Be like them.

The UK knows that your main purpose of coming to the UK is to study the master’s language, English. So, they set you up in fake, expensive BA and MA programs. Europeans in the UK study for free, of course. So everyone knows you are one of those Chinese who pay any prize for a Western education.

That’s you destiny in the UK. The West is your ultimate upgrade in life, is it not? You tell me.

by the East-West Writer

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