The World War 3 Option

WASHINGTON (The East-West Writer)—Total victory over Russia and China is so close, and if the USA and its EU minions want to finish the job, they have to do it promptly. Or else Russia and China will have time to prepare, which would result into unnecessary stress.

Militarily, economically, and politically, the West can only win. What can Russia or China do? Nothing. Nothing but attacking those US bases in neighboring countries from which the West will strike, which then will drag into war those neighboring countries. Russia and China will look like the ultimate war criminals.

Now, let us go quickly over the benefits of the Final World War:

Peace is the greatest benefit of war. With no enemy left, it’s going to be a world without war [at least, until some alien race arrives]. The loss of a few hundreds of millions of lives is a small price to pay for Western banking, finance, and governance taking over Asia.

For the Russians and Chinese in particular loss of war will be most beneficial since they are going to join the victorious West. They will no longer be the losers of world history, and enjoy all the benefits of Western membership. A lot of their diaspora in the West already do, and it is fantastic!

Globalism is another great benefit. We have seen Africa and the Middle East enslaved, and the West profited immensely. Yes, progress is painful. For those who can’t keep up. Western imperialism and colonialism were highly profitable. War is always profitable. The media and the military complex profit the most. But so do scholarship, philosophy, and the arts… which all rise in productivity. It is useless to protest against war, if war is what everyone wants.

War is like the great cleansing to build a better world. The USA is the ultimate war-machine. After each war came better technologies, better theories, better humans. War is the ultimate creativity. [That’s why we glorify war in film, literature, and games.]

Russia and China are completely helpless in this. If they resist Western world domination, they will be called terrorists. Just like the Middle East, which now lies in tatters. Just like Germany and Japan before, which are now US colonies, and rich and happy. All Washington needs is Russia or China or both to “start” this final war, so that the West can happily “retaliate” and take out those regimes. Imagine the loot and spoil for US companies. Incredible!

Some commentators argue that World War 3 would bring about the extinction of the human race. What a nonsense! Do you really think that the Russians and Chinese in an act of desperation would nuke the entire planet? That would not only proof the need to take them out before they do, but also show that they are a future liability to the human race.

Other commentators argue for endless sanctions, propaganda, and containment. A slow death for Russia and China. How cruel. Eventually, their own people would hate their leaders and overthrow their governments. All the West has to do is to support the resistance. Fair enough, but where is the great cleansing? The great progress in this? Where the glory?

To wrap this up, World War 3 is inevitable. The Western elites want it, they are just figuring out how to do it best. It does not need to happen with nukes, but it would be reasonable to have it happen decisively.

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