DER SPIEGEL Extortion: If Trump hurts German exports, we will crack down on freedom of speech!

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)-If you thought the radical Left & US globalist mainscream press was militant, malicious and over-the-top, you haven’t lived in that US-liberated former Nazi tollhaus and now idiot colony that is the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

If Germany hadn’t got enough problems already with its genocide on ethnic Germans, crackdown on dissidents, denunciations and thought police, BREXIT, war on Russia, the autocratic EU, let alone the dictatorship of Angela ‘Mutti’ Merkel, the pseudo-journo propaganda racket DER SPIEGEL is now throwing a hateful tantrum over Donald Trump’s remarks that US-German trade was “a one-way-road.” Import taxes could rise for cheap, Mexico-assembled German autos.


In reality, of course there is a huge trade imbalance! Germany exports 55 billion Euros worth of goods more to the USA than it imports back from the USA. DER SPIEGEL itself reported this number about a year ago. In colloquial  language, it is mostly a “One-way-road.” You could also say, in terms of selling goods, that Germany depends on the US market more than the USA depend on the German’s.

Money, money, money. We recall that DER SPIEGEL supported the corrupt Obama/Clinton clique, and despises the people’s man Donald Trump whom it sees as an existential threat to the establishment and its legacy press that could now spread to Germany. To demote Donald Trump, DER SPIEGEL completely inverts reality if it has to: ‘Sure, It is not a one-way-road‘, that expert on economics,  Jan Fleischhauer, brags in his latest column: ‘How we can prepare for economic warfare.’

“We”… who is We? “We” is that: “We, Jan Fleischhauer and DER SPIEGEL”? It is not: “We, him and I,” and certainly not: “We, the Bundesregierung.” So what the Lord of Propaganda is DER SPIEGEL talking about when it says “We”?

“One can only agree with Trump when he says trade should not be a one-way street. This also applies to trade threats. Let’s start with Facebook.

Facebook? The US social media? You know what’s coming next, don’t you? That’s right: DER SPIEGEL tries to extort economic favors from Trump America by threatening human rights abuses against 80 million or so German citizens. It threatens to crack down on freedom of expression in the heart of Europe, should Washington refuse to comply with cheap German auto imports:

“It does not need punitive duties to accustom the company to the new reality. It is enough that one forces Facebook to observe the German protection of minors. Anyone who tolerates the glorification of violence or incitement to human rights must face delicate penalties. If necessary, the offer is indicated and withdrawn from circulation.”

How is that, USA! “We” bet the Trump administration didn’t see that coming. Here’s a possible scenario:

“Mr. President, the Germans threaten they wanna crack down on their own citizens if we higher import taxes on their autos.”

“They said WHAT?”

“They said they wanna censor their own people on social networks like Facebook if we don’t give them a good price for their tiny cars.”

“You’ve got to be shi#$%&ng me!”

Meanwhile, the German regime is already cracking down on so-called ‘hate comments’ and ‘fake news’ on social media anyway. DER SPIEGEL just threw a red herring. A distraction. See, it is all Donald Trump’s fault: He is responsible for the “End of the West.” He is responsible for the oppression that is now absolutely necessary to amputate German democracy and end your freedom of expression.

Jan Fleischhauer and DER SPIEGEL are agenda-driven and in cahoots with the regime. Completely ridiculous regime press. Here’s how DER SPIEGEL fakes its Twitter followers. Here’s how DER SPIEGEL manipulates the news and censors the discussion.

It is no secret that DER SPIEGEL applauds the censorship lobby to shut down the public sphere, and that they will USE ANY EXCUSE to choke German opposition (and their competition) on the internet where the angry mob frequently expose DER SPIEGEL lies, hate mongering, and politics of fear.

Note: DER SPIEGEL doctors its articles days, weeks, and even months after their publication. Last date of access was Jan 23, 2017, 16:00.



Image source: Propagandaschau, DER SPIEGEL - 70 Years Is Enough!

“DER SPIEGEL never was a news magazine. From its first edition, it has been a opinion magazine under the control of British occupation officers who founded it. To date, DER SPIEGEL is spreading more or less successful disinformation and propaganda in the sense and interest of Anglo-American domination and hegemony over the rest of the world. A sticky proximity to secret services, militarism and NATO determines the “moral” attitude of the paper.” —Propagandaschau, ’70 Years of DER SPIEGEL -is enough!’

DER SPIEGEL Online Propaganda Front:

“Now, who do we have to despise this week? […] I understand why DER SPIEGEL Online Propaganda Front had to become active on this one: Xavier Naidoo, a musician and pop celebrity joins a Monday demonstration and sings, OF ALL THINGS!” —Jasinna on DER SPIEGEL denunciation campaign against regime critics

“Dieses Scheissblatt” [This crap paper!] - Quote by former German chancellor Willy Brandt. DER SPIEGEL doesn’t hide its militarism. It’s a one-way-road. It seeks to ruin its competitors, demonize foreign leaders, and destroy its ideological enemies mercilessly; YET promotes systematic censorship at home and of the public. Foto: COMPACT
DER SPIEGEL (the ‘Parallel Universe’) in existential crisis:

“35 journalists have to go, 110 have already quit. […] The magazine’s circulation declined by 100,000. —COMPACT Magazine


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