Cathryn Clüver Blatant Liar: “Americans See In Angela Merkel Guarantor For Stability”

Corrupt academicians will say anything to get prominent news coverage from their regime. So, this Cathryn Clüver, of Harvard University, was quoted in the German regime press Der Spiegel as having said that “Americans see in Angela Merkel a guarantor for stability.” This is fake news. The is German regime propaganda.

The majority of Americans see in Angela Merkel a destabilizer. She opened the EU borders to millions of illegal aliens, she broke EU and German laws for that, and she is partly responsible for the Brexit with her ridiculous open borders, away with the nation states policy.

Ms. Clüver does not speak for Americans, but for the German Merkel regime only.

I repeat it. Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook, of Harvard University, is a liar. Most Americans do NOT see Angela Merkel as a guarantor for stability, but the very opposite of it!

This is left-wing pseudo-science and propaganda crap from Der Spiegel and Ms. Cathryn Clüver, and it must stop.


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