Dodgeball For Bullies? - A Canadian Study Ruins School Sports

The study asked those pupils who didn’t like the game and who felt they were being picked on by their stronger peers.

When I first read in the liberal Washington Post about a Canadian study that found ‘dodgeball’ to be a school sport for bullies and oppressors, I thought it a leftist joke.

But now this story of oppressive dodgeball has been circulated planetary-wise and arrived in Europe’s liberal regime media. Yes, the game of dodgeball, where two teams eliminate each other by throwing balls at their members, is now a tool of bullying and discrimination against weaker team members.

The game should be abandoned in schools, the leftist regime press suggests, and replaced by sport games in which the kids themselves make the rules and negotiate trade offs.

This happy-goes-silly tale about removing competitive sports from our schools is a strong reminder of how insane educational politics have become. Sports are offensive to some? Just get rid of sports!

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