BREXIT smacked by German disinformation campaign

You hurt my feelings, I hurt yours.

“More and more British are applying for a German passport:
Tens of thousands of Germans once fled to Britain before the Nazis. Many of them - and their descendants - now want to report back their German passport. Background is therefore the Brexit.” -Der Spiegel

The German propaganda war against a sovereign, independent Great Britain isn’t just hot air or raucous laughter -it’s expensive and serious industry.

The Germans, who are understandably violent that Britain doesn’t want to share the bed with them, engage in verbal abuse of the highest order against the island nation. BREXIT means a breakup, which does hurt feelings.

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Now, the UK is doomed, will fall apart into Scotland, Ireland, and England with Wales, and it will lose London as the great capital of world finance, and -hear hear- the British will turn into a Third world country next week.

But these are just our daily portions of poison. How about the most bizarre and harebrained attempts at rattling the British cage? Here they are, taken straight from the German regime press:

  1. 1/3 of all UK businesses consider relocation to the EU mainland
  2. Gibraltar (south of Spain) is a “UK colony”
  3. Brits are queuing to become German

“Every third British company wants to relocate business abroad
The upcoming Brexit worries many British companies. According to one survey, one third is considering moving to other EU countries.” -Die Zeit

This is truly nuts, of course. The polls depend on how you ask the question. As to Gibraltar, the “rock” belongs to Britain’s overseas territories since 1713. And with German papers celebrating a few hundred British turning over their British passports in exchange for a brand new German passport, that is microscopical fluff compared to the hundreds of thousands of Germans who emigrate from Germany every year in search for a new identity.

Anyways, in all fairness, if more Brits knew how nasty their Teutonic neighbors took the divorce papers, they would probably call it quits and move on sooner.