Use Chinese key terms in China reports and stop language imperialism

Richard Javad Heydarian (see picture) is a “specialist in Asian affairs”, yet he practices outdated Orwellian rules of writing (5th Rule: Avoid foreign words!), for example in his recent: China’s ‘Likenomics’. We understand in some poets the aesthetic need for purity of language and the desire to keep their texts free from foreign pollution. But in foreign affairs? Mr Heydarian does not use a single Chinese key term in his China report. It is an article about China that is literally kept ‘Chinese-free’. There’s a name for this method: Language Imperialism. Fortunately, we all are living in the 21st Century, so no more cultural property theft, please: “Chinese Dream” should be zhongguomeng and the “Four Comprehensives” should be si ge quanmian, etc. We must protect more non-Western names, brands, inventions, and cultural key terminologies in global writings. The liberalization of non-Western words and concepts has only just begun.

Original comment: @Richeydarian Use Chinese key terms in your China reports. Stop language imperialism - China’s Likenomics’ #Pattberg