TIME magazine melts wrong buildings on its cover to smear Donald Trump

TIME planned a double hit piece on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin by melting the White House into the seat of the Russian government on the front of TIME magazine’s cover this week.

Except, the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, commonly known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral, is not the seat of the Russian government but the Orthodox Church. Hahaha!

The leftist lunatic media is out of control. But nice Photoshop, TIME!


Ekaterina Chekushkina: Can’t decide which one is more fine-looking 🤔 #WitchHunt. P.S.: Dear #TimeMagazine, this is a wrong building. The Russian president doesn’t work in a Cathedral.


Eric Kraus: The American political discourse was always insular, bellicose and domineering…
What HAS changed is that it has gone bone-headed stupid.
How can anyone hope to run a functioning empire with a Kindergarten mentality?

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