Who’s Afraid of the Globalists’ Media Concert?

This is a post about the terror of the so-called mainstream media. Reader’s digression is advised.

WASHINGTON —You are experiencing now every day the collusion of the mainstream press in the Western world. They all report the same “Globalist” propaganda: to project power.

“Power corresponds to the human ability not just to act but to act in concert. Power is never the property of an individual; it belongs to a group and remains in existence only so long as the group keeps together.” -Hannah Arendt, ‘On Totalitarianism

The various media outlets are owned by only two handfuls of billionaires who wish to run the news industry on this planet for their masters: the ‘Globalists’. The Globalists are censors and nation destroyers. They are the successors of Western imperialism.

They don’t want 200 governments, they want one -theirs. They don’t want 200 sovereign nations, they want one -theirs. Sovereignty, autonomy, self-determination, independence are all poison to the globalists. The Globalists’ aim is total world domination and blocking all roads that could lead to alternative knowledge. It is their world or die.

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Because it already is a globalist media dictatorship, a few thousand men and women are more equal than the rest of humanity: elite journalists. They are the supreme agents of the Globalists. They are on a political mission: seek and destroy the rebel bases, smash the resistance movement. They have higher authority and more privileges than diplomats, spies, and even the presidents of states.

“In the long run, propaganda will reach the broad masses of the people only if at every stage it is uniform.” -Josef Goebbels, ‘Will and Way

Unelected, corrupt, and lawless, accountable only to their globalist masters, they conspire to get politicians elected, enemies crushed, and their friends and peers cross-referenced. And anybody who says anything against their militant ways is of course the enemy of their press freedom.

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Donald Trump is not the first victim of the Globalist’s media mafia. They will not tolerate a man who talks over their heads directly to the people. The people are insects in the globalists’ scheme! Trump must be destroyed. He dared to expose the crooked media swamp in Washington. Away with him! They did hit jobs and murderous campaigns a thousand times before to others. They will do it to everyone and everything that is challenging the media’s status quo and master narrative. You don’t believe it?

Think about their propaganda concerts in the past to humiliate entire nations, human groups, basic science, and ideas:

Who’s next on their list? Could be YOU, YOUR family, YOUR nation, YOUR organization!
The Globalists want to eliminate genders. Just so to prove to you that with a strong media, 2+2 is indeed 5.
The Globalists want to destroy or ban all alternative media and people’s media.
Globalists want to destroy the family and eradicate family values.
The Globalists are truth-averse. Science is the natural enemy. Human nature is the enemy. Make-belief and propaganda is everything!
The Globalists destroy nationalist movements and slander populists (leaders who are popular with the people).
The Globalists smear traitors who expose lies and corruption by the Globalists.
The Globalists tell you whom to vote. And if the people still vote “wrong,” it is undemocratic.
The Globalists trash BREXIT voters as deplorable scum and low-life, base-born peasants who voted the wrong way.
The Globalists demonize the leaders of sovereign nations. It is nothing personal. It is necessary strategy to world domination.
The Globalists fight the Eastern bunny because it is a symbol of European Christianity. You cannot get rid of European identity if you still face huge Christian resistance.
The Globalists will cry “sabotage” and “manipulation” over China’s New Silk Road initiative because it unifies Asian countries.
The Globalists will decry the leaders of foreign nations as dictators and compare them to Hitler or Mao, no problem.
The Globalists want to mix and mingle all human races and if you disagree that’s ‘racism’.
The Globalists use mass migration as a weapon to crack open nations and divide their populations. Their citizens will never be able to rise up against their Globalist masters. They don’t even know what for any more.
The globalists, in turn attack police forces, military, educators, and label them racist, homophobic, women-hating, or anti-globalist. The constant terror of being “political incorrect” keeps all those group in constant fear and terror. And fear and terror is perfect for control.

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