German Regime TV ‘ZDF’ exposed AGAIN for fakery [Interview with Alexander Gauland]

German regime broadcaster ZDF, which exists by extorting ‘television tax’ from the population, is probably among the most problematic propaganda forces in all of Europe. And precisely because it extorts the compulsory tax without the people’s consent and against the threat of incarceration, it doesn’t need to hide its contempt for the dullness of the masses. Demonstrably, it has become the laughing stock in Germany for its unbelievable fakery of news and distortion of facts.

A 4 billion euros propaganda machine, tax-payer funded

In particular, the regime hates the new anti-establishment party: the AfD or ‘Alternative for Germany’. ZDF produces hit pieces after his pieces on the new party and its leaders. In this interview with AfD chief Alexander Gauland, the dirty broadcaster employs 3 ‘demonstrators’ and points camera and microphones toward them. The interviewer then mocks Gauland by asking whether he had invited them and that he must be quite used to this. Gauland looks exhausted and devastated by the sheer evilness of this canning.

The shamelessness of the regime broadcaster

Earlier this year, ZDF was exposed staging a Q&A session with darling iron chancellor Angela Merkel. It transgressed that the audiences were not only pre-selected stooges but also that the questions were prepared in advance, Hagen Grell reports with evidence.

The ZDF and its parent administration NDR plan to raise the compulsory TV tax for all citizens from currently 14 to then 17 euros per household. They have fewer viewers than ever but indefinitely more propaganda do to.

[Below is the full interview, in German language]