Merkel Regime Hooplas After Head Of Coalition Partner Resigns

Another pawn had to go. No, Merkel is not finished yet. She is likely to complete her 16 years in power, haha. Democracy, my belly button!

But the head of her coalition partner, Andrea Nahles, from the Social Democrats, had to go.

Sorry, Andrea. Somebody had to put her head into the rope and pull, and it’s not the supreme leader, you see.

Meanwhile, Merkel is off to Harvard University in the United States to receive her honorary doctorate and deliver a graduation speech.

The Merkel regime was a tandem of the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democrats, but both parties are losing voters to former fringe parties such as the Greens and the Alternative for Germany.

While there are so many strong parties, they have actually overlooked that the elephant in the room is still there. Ms. Merkel can still rule not because everyone pulls on the same rope, as usual, but because everyone else is so divided and busy sacrificing their key cadres.

Until no one is left but supreme leader Merkel? As always? What is your opinion on Merkel’s eternal dictatorship? Don’t be shy and leave your comment.


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