Merkel Party Sees Youtubers As Existential Threat - Rezo Factor

The papers are full of it. A Youtuber called Rezo published a video in which he blames the Merkel Party or ‘Christian Democratic Union’ for destroying Germany. In itself, the video is completely harmless, moderate, and thin as paper. Yet, Rezo is a member of a multi-million dollar PR-company, Stroeer Digital, so his video was cleverly marketed and distributed. Finally, the regime media took notice.

Now, the Merkel Party and its regime media blame Rezo and Youtube for the regime’s latest election losses, for example last week’s EU parliamentary elections. By now, Rezo’s video had amassed a whopping 7 million views and counting.

The consequences? Well, first the Christian Democrats called for a crackdown on political Youtubers. Their crime: Meinungsmache -meddling. Then they got a huge backlash from ever more Youtubers who shouted ‘freedom of expression!’

Next, the regime had a better idea: blackmail. Rezo and other Youtubers received “invitations” from regime officials and cadres to join the establishment and spread pro-regime propaganda in the future.

Those who oblige, would be promoted and shown prominently on regime media. Those who do not oblige, will face black-out, harassment, and irrelevancy.

Will the plan work? Rezo is under pressure. His independence is at risk. Will the regime get its own Youtubers?

If you have experience or an opinion on political Youtubers colluding with the regime media already, don’t be shy and leave your comment!


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