If only the Germans, the French, and the Swedish had the balls, too!

Angry US citizens are firing back mercilessly at the dishonest media; unthinkable (and illegal) in Europe!

CNN gets the beating of its life by angry Americans, tens of millions of them, and around the world, for deliberately spreading fake news, misinformation, and anti-Trump propaganda. And oftentimes, one really wonders why CNN’s deranged, lunatic program is still running in hotel rooms around the world. Away with it!

CNN a relic of the News past

CNN is perhaps the most hateful, dishonest, obscene US gossip and manipulation machine on the planet at this juncture. It has driven ‘freedom of speech’ to level 9000. Beyond that, no organization has ever ventured and safely returned (see->Nazi propaganda). CNN has a place in the world, like drinking your own feces, but it’s not “the News.” It is Fake News, a demon category, but not just discovered by Donald Trump: The Europeans refer to their regime media as ‘lying press’ as long as I can remember (the 80’s). So, Alex Jones from Infowars.com and his buddies set up a prize for the best ‘Trump vs Fake CNN’ meme. The activists also hand out cash-prizes to daredevil citizens who crack into CNN Live shows and shout “CNN is Fake News.”

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[if that what it takes to destroy Donald Trump]

You gotta hand it to America! Meanwhile, Europe goes full censorship

All these ‘reactions’ by angry non-notables are illegal in Europe, because Europe has no free speech but lots of ‘hate speech’-laws and regulations.’ So while America is taking piss out of CNN and the New York Times, say, in the totalitarian European Union the iron Censorship curtain has fallen: Germany opted for total crackdown on US social media. Sweden built a socialist, political-correct spaceship, ready to leave planet Earth. France is barely recognizable anymore and proudly pushes a national average IQ of 97. The Europeans just can’t pull off the next Revolution. So sad.

The pro-Trump memes, most of them anyway, cannot be viewed in Europe [without a VPN software, that is]: Google and Youtube collude with EU regimes and block political sensitive contents. Reasons vary: for example: a video contains copyright material from a motion movie pictures (true of most ‘memes’), or an account was flagged down by the thought police for inciting hateful thought.

There is, once again, a HUGE chasm opening up between the free Anglophone world (TRUMP America, BREXIT Britain, the MAIN Internet…) and the oppressive European regimes who cry censorship or survival.