Steve Bannon And His Copy Of ‘Unrestricted Warfare’

It’s getting comical. If ultra-right-wing and uber-populist Steve Bannon recommends a book on Chinese unrestricted warfare, you better listen up.

Conveniently, the book is entitled ‘Unrestricted Warfare’, written by two Chinese army generals in 1999.

Bannon was fired by the White House, and later by the ultra-neoconservative website Breitbart, but that seemed not to deter the propagandist. On the contrary, it gave him so much more spare time to rabble nationalism into the world.

Apart from his interference in European elections and his anti-Russia rhetoric, his hatred for China, or better: the Chinese government, is boundless. Steve Bannon sees China as the sole existential threat to the world hegemony of the United States of America, apart from a united Europe and starkened Russia of course.

Which makes you think why is it so bad that the USA became the No 2 or No 3 in the world, for a change?

Well, because the United States has so much dirty linen piled up, so much corruption, illegal wars, cyber espionage, economic coercion and abuse to its helmet, that is would be hard, very hard indeed, to became the No 2 and not to have it all exposed.

The No 1 can do as it pleases. And Bannon fears that the determination of a better prepared and organized China to dethrone the United States, as outlined in ‘Unrestricted Warfare’, is unusually global strategy and got to him personal.