Faker lays bare systematic corruption at German regime press

The story of journalist fraudster Claas Relotius gets better and better. The faker fabricated news article and invented details and characters for his award-winning “journalism” before Juan Moreno, a former colleague, exposed the con artist.

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Claas Relotius quit his job at fake news media SPIEGEL to look for other opportunities. Meanwhile, DIE ZEIT, Germany’s top regime press, confessed that Relotius also wrote for them in the past. In Germany, the press houses operate like the mafia. A brotherhood of criminals that exchanges its press soldiers from one turf to the next and protects itself against the police, the public, and generally outsiders.

Relotius was never suspect because his reporting matched the anti-Trump narrative and leftist ideology. Besides, journalists frequently invent stories to support their paper’s aim. He won several top “journalist” prizes, underlying the epidemic corruption among all reporters. CNN awarded him ‘Reporter of the Year’ in 2014.

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The press is unelected, undemocratic, and totally unaccountable. The case of Claas Relotius is covered only after Juan Moreno suggested international exposure. Both SPIEGEL and DIE ZEIT are known in Germany as “die Lügenpresse” -the Lying Press.