Never trust a journalist! German regime press ‘SPIEGEL’ loses its top faker: Claas Relotius

Fiction, Political ideology, and Make-belief are the weapons of journalists

That disgusting fake news media ‘SPIEGEL‘ [Mirrow] got into trouble this month over one of its top fraudsters. Claas Relotius [33], winner of several top journalism prizes, was being exposed by Juan Moreno, his former colleague, for fabricating sensational news stories out of thin air.

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Before it could become an international scandal, the SPIEGEL preemptively dropped Claas Relotius like a dead rat. Alas, the damage to its non-existing “reputation” is done. Journalists fake interviews, make up details, and invent characters just to deliver good story telling and land a career at the German garbage press.

Fake it till you make it

And the best thing is: Claas Relotius is a true hero. At least he fakes it like a boss and wins prizes with it. He quit his job already. Bet he lands his next work with the American New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Or becomes a best-selling whistle blower, who knows.

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A gangster exposes the press mafia

Claas Relotius has confessed his fraud in over 30 articles. His texts are no different than his peers’s at other top news outlets such as the Guardian or Die Zeit. Which begs the question just how many con artists work in journalism. As to the SPIEGEL: You are fake news still even after one man down. The Germans call you the “lying press” for a reason.