CNN Sucks, And Ducks Donald Trump #CNNsucks

You won’t believe this. This is comedy silver! This is fake news gold! The queen of Fake News (the king is the New York Times) just turned off their cameras at a Trump rally to his 2020 re-election campaign.

The reason? The crowds in the stadium in Orlando, Florida, cheered: “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!”

CNN turned off the cameras

This isn’t the first time CNN turned the camera black when Trump spoke of the ‘fake news media’. During his election campaign in 2016, CNN infamously cut away too.

What kind of media does that? Isn’t it your responsibility to report the news? The news is: CNN sucks! Fake news evil CNN! CNN is the lying press. That is the news. So report the news.

This is another clear evidence that CNN is manipulating the news by omission. It’s caught red-handed.

How are the functionaries gonna explain this steep journalistic misconduct and abuse of the term “journalism”? Well, of course they will say, we don’t want to give the President a platform to smear us!

Well, CNN, you deserved every bit of it. Because you are the fake news media and the enemy of the people!

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