Cernovich in the White House: Legacy correspondents “are filthy” and “colluded”

What’s up with the White House correspondents? Could they please watch their hygiene and collude a little less!

Generation Z poses existential threat to old, corrupt press

The carpets are “dirty and worn-out,” says Mike Cernovich: The correspondents “are drinking water and eating food right next to the bathroom, it’s disgusting.” The room is visibly far too small and crammed. The ‘fake news media’ are all in cahoots, posing mommy questions to the White House: “White House correspondents are filthy animals,” says Cernovich, if only to make them sweat more.

“They are filthy, they are disgusting… I don’t know if they shower, they don’t smell right. They should take better care of the facilities.”M. Cernovich

More citizens are losing trust in the mainstream media. Unelected pseudo-experts (journalists) are given multi-million dollar platforms to constantly write the same fabricated stories and push the same [leftist] political agenda. At the same time they censor topics that really matter, say, how corrupt and broken the system media is. Worse: The journalists conspire to fix elections.

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The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc. are not journalism. They are propaganda machines. That was alright before 2016 when they mainly harassed and terrorized foreign nations and their leaders. But in 2016, they all endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and harassed and terrorized Donald Trump and his tens of millions of supporters. That was the turning point.

“They are all like this [using smart phones]… texting each other what to ask. They are colluding in real time,” Cernovich says in an interview with Jack Posobiec: ‘MSM reporters collude on their questions, answers, and political maneuvering in real time‘.

The legacy media is mostly concerned about… its own legacy!

Says Posobiec: “The way they trash their offices. The toilets are all dirty. The kitchen is all dirty.” The way they treat ‘outsiders’ as a threat to their house of lies is truly spectacular: “They give you looks in person, but don’t say anything. But then they go on Twitter and then they are lighting me up: ‘Oh, I can’t believe Jack Posobiec is here. Jack Posobiec the racist is here. Attacking me. Attacking my family. Attacking my background. It’s crazy. They didn’t want me there. They didn’t want you there. And that’s because we speak truth to them.

“They have to ‘remind’ reporters Hey why don’t you have some basic hygiene? Why don’t you clean up after yourself? These are the people we’re supposed to trust?”-M. Cernovich

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The corruption of the legacy press

In a viral video, Cernovich recorded how the correspondents reacted when he confronted with ‘real questions’:

“Why would not anybody here comment on the violence against Trump supporters?

Why would not anybody here ask Democrats leaders to disavow the violence by AntiFa [the fascist ‘Anti-Fascist movement] the way you demanded Trump to disavow violence by his supporters?

This has been completely covered up. You have no answer.

I wanna know why nobody asks the Democrats to disavow AntiFa violence.”

The reactions of the reporters are epic and, perhaps, will go down in history. You can see them terrified, threatened even… by the truth. By bigger journalists than they ever will be. By anyone with a Youtube channel. By citizen media that can totally ruin the MSM animal farm and expose their lying master narrative. Even the flagship New Yorker magazine sees it: “At daily briefings, Sean Spicer calls on young journalists from far-right sites. The mainstream media sees them as an existential threat.

“The left-wing media is not committed to the truth, they’re not committed to reporting accurate information, they’re committed to being the dishonest opponents of the Trump administration, and the President and his team should absolutely think about restructuring press briefings to speak directly to the American people rather than a room full of individuals pretending to be honest reporters.” —Newt Gingrich, The President owes the Media nothing

Cernovich was not yet home for his shower and already The Independent had solicited a brutal revenge-piece that accused him and a colleague, Cassandra Fairbanks, of using a ‘white supremacist’ hand sign on that day.

In the past, such an attack from the mainstream would have destroyed anyone’s career over night, and God knows those nasty media did it a million times. But on brave Cernovich it had no affect. He just put his video out and everyone could see-with their own eyes-he was truly the biggest man in that room. Talking about the universe is just!

Image sources: Mike Cernovich

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