Some of the best Internet trolling on the planet: ‘OK sign’ now stands for White Supremacy

The Independent, a British quality paper, published the most retarded ‘fake news’ yet in race-bait mainstream journalism: A posing of journalists Cassandra Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich in the White House with…uh… here it is> “white supremacist hand symbol.” Oh yeSS!

They’ve ruined the ‘OK’ sign

I know.

It is beyond leftist lunacy. They Left really wants everything to be racist. The author is Emily Shugerman.

The piece was obviously thought of as a political hit-piece mostly against white male ‘gorilla’ Cernovich. The man is a Youtube riot. Fairbanks, meanwhile, works for Sputnik, a Russian broadcaster. Let’s face it: The Independent took whatever it could find in its Twitter feet that puts boy Cernovich closer to Nazi with the benefits of blond evil Putin’s Russia.

In the photo, they are making a hand sign that can be used to signify “white power.” —Independent

Some of the best trolling in the world

The cringy mental disorder of that piece is hard to beat, and clearly marks another low for the libtard ‘social justice’ warrior front, including BlackLifesMatter and AntiFa. Rumor has it that the Independent got badly trolled on the meaning of ‘racist’ symbols and signs by deep net and internet factions such as /pol/ from which there is no way going back.

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The game is, of course, mutual: The Independent in return has now triggered the ‘alt-right’ and the conspiracy theorists. Obama, the half-black former US-president, used the ‘OK’ sign too. And so did young Michael Jackson, Chinese Jackie Chan, and Jewish-American Steven Spielberg. Ouch.

More to come: ‘V’

/pol/ last night suggested that the ‘V’-sign stands not for victory or peace but for “two genders”. And we are pretty sure that’s its original meaning-as old as the pyramids and frog slough- so please share the truth!